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Norway Journal

i went to norway from June 25th to July 4th,
with my grandma, my brother and my two cousins, jennifer and melissa

1St day

Walked around lake/ate at 80 days around the
world /played pool at sports bar

2nd day

Looked at old church/bought gifts at shops/
Bought pastries/looked at grandma's/Solveig's house/
Visited Solveig/drank at carlsburg

3rd day

Over 4 hour boat ride to Bergen(two ferry's)
ate at Dickys... walked around Bryggen..went to
the aquarium(Akvariet i Bergen)~cliphopper pingvins
went on Funicular to Floien (Floibanen)
ate at Pepe's Pizza
Bought sweater from Bryggan Handel/saw Hakonshallen

4th day

Took site seeing bus tour around Bryggan/old norge houses
visited the home,grave,museum of
famous norge composer Edvard Greig
Ate at Bryggeloftet and Stuene/went to Bryggan museum
went to Bergen Art museum to the Rasmus Meyers
Collection(Edvard Munch, Harriet Bacher...)
6 hour ride back to Stavanger(bus/ferry/bus/ferry/bus)

5th day

Went on Clipper Fjord... saw the Lysefjord
saw Pulpit Rock
went to Mortepumpin

6th day

6 hour bus ride to Arendal
ate with Tante Lily, Ana marie, Christine and Kim
went to back yard concert/person sang tom waits songs

7th day

Boat trip around Arendal
went to Tante Lily's house
visited Grandpa's grave
engraved on his grave stone
"as lovely as his memory"

8th day

Family gathering/swam in lake/slept at uncle Henry's house