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Air BrEndiE: yo marlow
Air BrEndiE: answer hurry
mvba53ball89: hey
Air BrEndiE: u know that person ur talk to .lemme explain but dont say anything
Air BrEndiE: shh
Air BrEndiE: its a prank that edna and jordan are doing
Air BrEndiE: they did it to me to
Air BrEndiE: but look
Air BrEndiE: lets turn it around on them
Air BrEndiE: dont say anythingggg
mvba53ball89: ok
mvba53ball89: what r we doing
Air BrEndiE: play along with them now
Air BrEndiE: ok wait gimmie a sec
mvba53ball89: ok
Air BrEndiE: haha
mvba53ball89: im going to say i want them or s/t
Air BrEndiE: not yet ill tell u wat to say
mvba53ball89: ok
mvba53ball89: hurry
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: i'm good for u
ivansbunny: well perfect for u
mvba53ball89: how do u no
ivansbunny: cuz i do
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: love is something u cant question
Air BrEndiE: say
Air BrEndiE: "do u really really love me? in all seriousness"
Air BrEndiE: wat jordan say
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: i knew it was love when we 1st kissed during nap time under the blankets
ivansbunny: yes i do
Air BrEndiE: say "well i dont remember that at all, but just tell me ur name common"
mvba53ball89: ooo but that a true story
mvba53ball89: lol
mvba53ball89: that edna know
mvba53ball89: hurry
Air BrEndiE: ohh uhm...
Air BrEndiE: this is wat i told jordan to tell u
Air BrEndiE: Air BrEndiE: say " without ur girlfriend knowing would u at least considering talking to me in person just one time in school"
Air BrEndiE: is she send that to u be like....uhm idk maybe
Air BrEndiE: jaja
mvba53ball89: huh?
mvba53ball89: oo lol
mvba53ball89: wut do i put
Air BrEndiE: say "uhm...idk maybe but u gotta tell me ur name"
Air BrEndiE: lmao
mvba53ball89: lol
mvba53ball89: wut do i put
Air BrEndiE: sayy. "well u gotta promise me u wont say anything to nobody if i agree to meet with you"
Air BrEndiE: ivansbunny: Etc228 (8:47:15 PM): omg he's a jerk!!! lol
ivansbunny (8:47:23 PM): no hes stupid he miss read
Etc228 (8:47:33 PM):
no he didn't lol
ivansbunny (8:48:11 PM): mvba53ball89 (8:46:12 PM): *wats your name!!
ivansbunny: i changed it in the bottom so she wouldnt kill him
Air BrEndiE: ivansbunny: and dont tell her this
Air BrEndiE: woah...
ivansbunny: ivansbunny (8:46:25 PM): i'll meet you in the morning...just tell her you got to school late or something so we can get to know each other once again
mvba53ball89 (8:47:47 PM): ok
mvba53ball89 (8:47:59 PM): you have to promise that u wont say anything to anyone

mvba53ball89: wut do i say
Air BrEndiE: lmfao
Air BrEndiE: woah we got them say
Air BrEndiE: were do u wana meet
Air BrEndiE: ivansbunny: i'm not saying it to edna and ..damn i cant let him know it was me he'll hate me
Air BrEndiE: haha
Air BrEndiE: tell what "were do u wana meet"
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: so i have a chance?
mvba53ball89: yea where do u want to mee
mvba53ball89: lol
Air BrEndiE: say "i didnt say u have a chance but im kinda intrested to meet u "
Air BrEndiE: lmao jordans freeking out
mvba53ball89: lol
mvba53ball89: im on the phone with edna btw
Air BrEndiE: oh shit
Air BrEndiE: uhm what did jrodan say
Air BrEndiE: after u said were to meet her
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: seriously?
Air BrEndiE: say
Air BrEndiE: "well were usualy by the science building at the ben ches so like around the basketball court"
Air BrEndiE: benches*
Air BrEndiE: what did jordan say??
mvba53ball89: nothing yet
Air BrEndiE: theyr freaking ...haha dont give in yet
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: who do u think this is? in all seriousness u want to meet me or are u screwing around with me?
Air BrEndiE: alright say this
mvba53ball89: hurry
mvba53ball89: lol
Air BrEndiE: "i dont know who u are but im kinda curious i guess"
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: to know who it is or cuz u want to give me a chance?
mvba53ball89: hurry
Air BrEndiE: well i dont know who u are so i couldnt tell u that right now
Air BrEndiE: say "but please no one can know promise"
mvba53ball89: promise
mvba53ball89: lol wrong person
Air BrEndiE: ivansbunny: omg babe..please dont say anything
Air BrEndiE: holy shit.....dont tell edna w/e u do
Air BrEndiE: i wont
ivansbunny: i wont
Air BrEndiE: lmao
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: wait idk if i can meet u...u love your g/f i wouldnt be able to live with myself
mvba53ball89: ill just say id care
mvba53ball89: i dont*
Air BrEndiE: no dont
Air BrEndiE: thats to iovous
mvba53ball89: lol
Air BrEndiE: say this
mvba53ball89: ok
Air BrEndiE: i do love my girlfriend, idk im curious
Air BrEndiE: and then say
Air BrEndiE: are u really a model or were u playing aorund?
mvba53ball89: ok
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: if u love her why would u want to meet me
Air BrEndiE: at first i didnt, plus i though it was one of my firends playing aorund with me. i just wana know who u are
Air BrEndiE: tell her that
Air BrEndiE: and then ill tell her
mvba53ball89: lol ok
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: u wouldnt leave ur g/f for me rite?
mvba53ball89: maybe if i fall in love with u. then yeaAir BrEndiE: ok ill come it
Air BrEndiE: in
mvba53ball89: ivansbunny: but i thought u said ull love her forever
Air BrEndiE: im telling her
mvba53ball89: ok tell her
Air BrEndiE
: telle dna i told u
Air BrEndiE: and we turned it around
mvba53ball89: lol