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My Horse Diary

September 27 2003

Alright, today instead of a lesson me and my friend Caitlin and our riding instructor went down to the big field down the road. We did different things there...we had a race and me and Brandy won :) Go Brandy!! It was wicked, I love going galloping and we don't do it very often. Um..let's see, show coming up soon, can't wait!..that's about it, cya!

October 4 2003

Hum....havn't written in a bit, sorry bout that. Today we worked on changing leads over fences. Twas fun. Not much to say, I'll blog later. Cya!

October 19 2003

I havn't blogged in a while. Sorry, been busy. We had our show yesterday! I couldn't be prouder of Brandy! Me and him got a first in Dressage 2 and Hunter, second in Equitation on Flat and English Pleasure, and third in Equitation ov. Fences! We also won $30.00 in Ride-a-Buck. I took Josie in Command Class too, we got second, but I don't know how. She spooked and bolted when some kid started howling, then when I asked her to canter she started going mad cowhoping! Loved it!!! And me and Thunder got third in Showmanship. It was a blast! But Renee braided Brandy and after the show I had to take them out and it took forever! That wasn't fun :(. One of the jumps was decorated with pumpkins and after the show Josie went and took a chuck out of one them. Then me and Sarah and Caitlin carved the other non-bitten ones and I put mine on Brandy's door. Then he knocked it down and broke it's face in. Smashing pumpkins, the reble! Oh, and me and Sarah (and maybe Caitlin, I'm not sure) are starting a pony club for some of the younger riders, teaching stable management, lunging, and such. Well, must be off! cya!

November 2 2003

I know it's been a while. Oh well, I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyways! Except maybe a few of my friends! I'm trying to research and find pics of Brandy's relatives. Not much luck though, the only one I can find is him great-grandsire, Two Eyed Jack. And a bunch of his cousins. I'll keep trying though!!

November 30 2003

Not much new's been going, Sarah, Caitlin and Emmo (and Jovonah and Danielle and Sarah Parmeter too) are taking Thunder in the Christmas Parade! :) Can't wait! I'm teaching Brandy to give hugs..he's learning well, he's a quick learner...or at least with he is..he already knows how to bow. Cya!!