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This site provides information to those who are new to computing. It is intended for the
newcomer to the world of computers. It teaches them the PC fundamentals and gives them an
overview of system components. It also aims to teach beginners to intermediate users of the
computer how to improve and optimize the performance of their computers. Most of its contents
provide step-by-step instructions for new users. It is very relevant to computing students
like us.

This site provides in-depth information on hardware and how they work. It is targeted at
advanced to expert users of the computers. Also, it is also aimed at hardware enthusiasts who
who want to know how the hardware work in detail and specifics. It is updated regularly to
keep up with the ever changing and developing hardware industry i.e. graphics cards. There
are also tutorials for the more advanced users.

A thorough hardware guide for hardware enthusiasts or people who want to buy computer parts.
A price guide right above the hardware listings at the left column allows users to search
for the type of software they want, narrowing their search by first choosing the type of
hardware they require.
Up-to-date and detailed product reviews are given at the centre column of the webpage to
provide people who are interested in buying new hardwares.

This site caters to people who do not have a clear idea about the basics of using computer,
its functions and abilities. Most likely, people who frequent the site are those who want to
learn more about computer and its capabilities, or businessmen who want to use a computer in
their businesses but do not have any idea how to.
The information are classified into 16 topics, each progressively more advanced, allowing
the user to learn at their own pace. The site also has much information on input/output,
storage system, components of system unit, and on computer careers. All these are indeed
useful, especially to computing students like us!

This site is very informative. It runs the reader through each of he components that can be found inside the computer. It is also very indepth explaining he technical details in somewhat layman's terms. A person who is only semi-literate in computer jargon could understand the site's explanation. However, the details it goes through are specific enough to interest people already knowledgeable in computing. I especially like the way it goes through how each of the components of computers "evolved" over time, thus explaining how the technologies that we use now were created or improved upon from previous "dinosaur" versions. For example, the way Flash Rom came about. This is especially useful for us as computing sudents as this is exactly what kind of thing we're tested. However, the site is quite outdated. Going by the latest tehnologies mentioned in the site, it looks like it was last updated last year. However, if the target audience is us students, this is not really an issue as our syllabus is even more outdated. However, the limitation of this website is that of its scope. It is very indepth on the internal components of the computer, but its literature on input devices, output devices and storage media is quite limited. Another drawback of this site would be that it is almost totally text based. There are no diagrams or other visual aids to help explain concepts. On the plus side however, this mean that the site loads relatively fast. Another thin I like about this site is the absence of banner ads and other such irritants on the webpage.

This site has a very wide scope on computers. It has alot of information on practically every part of the computer. This is very informative. The pages have many photographs and diagrams of the parts being explained. On the flipside however, the site is quite irritating to navigate because it breaks up the information on each part into many pieces, like only about 3 pargraphs, and put them on separate pages. This forces the user to load many pages juist to read a small amount of information. Also, the pages are littered with banner ads that cause the page loading to lag, which makes the abovementioned evn more irritating. Also, the site seems more commercial than educational- after several pages of information about let's say, RAM, the next page is a paid for ad for where to buy RAM, which is very misleading, and putting off. Also the information does not seem to "flow" from one to the other, like it does in pc computer notes, in the sense that the explanations for each part do not link to each other, thus it is a bit hard to form a mental image of the interrelations between the different parts. For example, it explains the processor and the memory individually quite well, but does little to explain how they work together.