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A Brief Intro

Daryl and leslie came to my house this weekend to do our computing project. We had to make a website that reviews other websites about computer hardware as well as make one of our very own. And all this during our june break, in which we had to squeeze our CCAs, family holidays, project work, and the mammoth task of studying for common test all together. This having overwhelmed us, we had to leave this computing project till now.

[hard at work]

And now we have given it our utmost effort in trying to improve our computing grades, considering how dismal they are anyway. Each of us needs at least an 8/10 for this project in order to improve our grades. So the grader of this assignment had better make our effort worthwhile!

[look at those mark deserving faces]

Aside from the fact that we have done such an unprecedentedly excellent presentation of all topics regarding computer hardware, and our insightful critique of the givens sites, we think that solely because we now know our subject matter inside out through the process of making this site, we deserve a notch up of our grades!

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What we intend this site for

This site is targeted primarily at the typical student studying comptuing at 'A' levels, and secondarily at anyone who has a wish to learn more about how their computers work.

We believe that the contents of this site contain exactly what this audience would want:
Contain our critique of six popular references on computer hardware on the internet. We believe that those who wish to find out more, or more in depth, information about computer hardware, our descriptions of these sites would help each user choose which site would be best for him/her easily.
This section is about the inner workings of the computer. Explains the concepts of how processors, memory and the other devices inside the computer's case work together, as well as some acronyms and other jargon that typically confuse even some computer literate people. It also explains how the computer stores data with devices such as hard disks and optical media in sometechnical detail.
This section is about all computer devices. Both input and and output. Most explanations are accompanied by photographs of the actual parts from my computers.

Plusses and minusses

One thing that we think you will find interesting is how we tell of how each component of the computer, be it the DVD or Flash memory devices, evolved from previous technologies. It tells the story of how today's computing world evolved from the world of visible-to-the-naked-eye transistors and punch-card programming to the user oriented devices that they are are now.

We acknowledge that this site has it limitations as well. The scope of this hardware website is very limited in comparison to the vast world of computing technology out there. For example, we don't include devices like PDAs and handphones (even though they are technically computers too) in this site. This is mainly due to our specific target audience, and also we aren't technically that free. However, we have included links to other sites that are broader in scope in the reviews section so as not to disappoint those interested.

Well what are you waiting for? Check it out!