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Boseman Family Tree

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Mordecai and Peter listed in S C Roster of Am Rev War
Following the trails of Mordecai's kin
1830 shows Peter had moved to Alabama

Mordicai Boseman/ Bozeman was mostly like the son of Samuel...Samuel Edward Boseman and Mary White had several sons and we may never know exactly how many and whom. Mary named one of them Mordecai after her brother......... Now Samuel....who's your daddy? ././. There was a Peter Boseman on the 1676 tax rolls of Northampton Virginia. ............ Ralph Bozeman in Surry County Virginia, wed Mary Branch and lived next to Roger Tarleton .......... William Bozeman: Alexander MADDOX (SR) md (2) Ellinor WHITE abt 1661, she d 1692 after she md (2) William BOSEMAN 15 Feb 1661, his will 5 Aug 1664, and Ellinor md (3 )James CAINE {Ellinor's will under Ellinor CAINE} ...... Alexander and Ellinor WHITE, dau of Lewis (Nicklas) WHITE had one ch: Lazarus 1657-1716 who md (2) Sarah? .......... See: MD Side Lights; New Eng Hist & Gene V 15, p 146; Hotten Emigrants p 138; Eastern Shore Vital Records; Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of MD; Thirty-four Families of Old Somerset Co MD; The Early Settlers of MD, by Skordas; MD Calendar of Wills, by Baldwin

Mordecai Bozeman Descendants