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Steroid related articles

The many faces (names) of Tren: ENDING THE CONFUSION

Finaplix Frequently Asked Questions

Finaplix Frequently Asked Questions 2

Why tren can be great for fatloss

All About Finaplix

Power of trenbolone

Finaplix, The definition

Fina FAQ

Higher Potency Finaplix

All about Plogel

genotoxicity of trenbolone

Making Fina 01

Making Fina 02

Making Fina 03

Nasal Spray

Transdermal DMSO Method


Steroids - what do you know?

Proper dosing and frontloading using the Principles of Half-Life’s

Legal aspects of black market steroids...

Steroid phobia, myth vs. fact

gained 25 pounds in one cycle

Steroid mistakes don't make them

Testosterone: a natural tonic for the failing heart?

Understanding your blood work

Dangers of steroids

Stacking Opposing Anabolics.html

Receptor Down Regulation

Bodybuilding Pharmacology: Fried Liver

The right way to do a source check

A new Look At Sustanon

Steroid Active Halflife

Winnys activity explained

GHRELIN the next anabolic

Steroid Usage for women

HPTA reversal

The Testosterone Report-Esters Explained

Injection FAQ's

Legal aspects of Black Market AAS

Steroid phobia: myth vs. fact

Guys that gain 25+ lbs per cycle

The 17 Most Deadly steroid Mistakes

Drug Profiles


Drug Profiles 1
Drug Profiles 2

Vitamin B12

Top 10 vitamins for Bodybuilders

Top 10 Minerals for Bodybuilders

How much protein

Glucophage By BigA
The Importance of Water

Creatine FAQ'S

Muscle Directory / Exercise Directory other links

Step by Step Conversions

ExRx Exercise & Muscle Directory

The Ministry Of Fitness


A Bodybuilding Directory

Links to Male Bodybuilders

Links to Female Bodybuilders

Nude Women with Muscles

High Protein Foods

food facts..Cals, Protein, fat

High Protein Foods

Converting Synovex into testosterone propionate

How To Cap Powders Accurately

Test Cypionate.. from

Instructions for Making Injectables from Powders

Making Fina 01

Making Fina 02

Making Fina 03

Powder Calculator

Winny in oil

A transdermal method using PhloJel Ultra

How To Cap Powders Accurately

Promasterplix Prop/Masteron/Finaplix

Masterprop masteron100mgs/prop100mgs

Workout Routines

General Bodybuilding & Health Articles

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Workout Routine

The 1 - 6 Training Princeable

Eryk Bui's "Growth Factor" Heavy workout routine

12 weeks to a better deadlift

Bodybuilding and weightlifting back exercises

Training for size and strength

Bulgarian Weightlifting

Milos Sarcev Advanced leg training Super setting

One Max Rep Calculator

Scientific Look At Reps


HST-Hypertrophy Specific Training

Hard gainer method to weight training

Killer Abs

Big Pete Fox's blaster routine

German Volume Training

4 day a Week Training

5 day a Week Training

Dealing with lack of motivation

Building Huge delts
Training for size and strength

Getting more from your bench routine

Bodybuilding and weightlifting back exercises

Tips for a better deadlift


Deadlifting 2

Understanding the deadlift

No Bull When it Comes to the Pull

10 tips for building a better sumo style deadlift

Fix your deadlift for fast size and strength gains!

What I've learned in 25 years of Bodt building

Wait until Genetic potential is met

BodyBuilding & the Endocrine System

Joint Repair Guide


What Happens to your Muscles Overnight?

The Arobic Myth

Weightlifting and workout facts

Fat loss / Diet

HGH Insulin R3Igf-1 PGF-2a

6 Bodybuilding Fat Loss Diet Tips

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

T3 and the Modern Athlete

Chemically Assisted Fatloss

A Review of Fat Loss Aids

metabolic Diet

7 days to ultimate leanness

Calorie Calculator

Everything about Ketosis

5 ways of burning fat


Losing BodyFat

Anabolic Catabolic Diet

Baseline diet

Baseline diet part 2

Carbing up on a keto diet

Fitness Results Food List

Adding Eggs to your Diet

Carbohydrate Timing

How to measure Liquidthy - T3

Fatloss for beginners

Eat Well. Stay Lean. Feel Great.



CLENBUTEROL FAQ 1.0 by Nick Bockwinkle

Synthetic T-3 and Clenbuterol Stacking

T-3 by BigAndy69 Part 1 and 2

Contest Prep by Skip

Hidden Carbohydrates

IGF-1 regulates SHBG

Basic IGF cycle guide

IGF-1 article 1

IGF-1 article 2

IGF-1 article 3

IGF-1 article 4

Insulin-Like Growth Factor Recombinant 3 (IGF-1 R3)


PGF2a Report by Ranger

Redbarons guide to hgh

Measuring GH - What is an IU?

Glutamine/insulin/Growth Hormone connection

Growth Hormone Manual

HGH Mixing Numbers

Growth Hormone article 1

Growth Hormone vs. Testosterone

Understanding Insulin

insulin regulates SHBG

Big Fat Bastards and Insulin

How to use insulin


The Skinny on insulin parts 1, 2 and 3

How To Use Insulin Without Gaining Fat Brand new

Monster's insulin Primer Brand new

Insulin FAQ by Acneman


Antioxidants & Anti-Estrogens

Is my vial underfilled?
Acne Treatments by EXCESS
Huge tits
The importance of R-AlA
Tyler's Detoxification Factors
How ALA works for you New
Glucophase XR The best Form of ALA

Anti-estrogen explained
Nolvadex VS Clomid Post Cycle
Anti Estrogen Or Anti Aromatase
The Iron Game's Clomid FAQ
Clomid & HCG by Nick and Bigfella

Bodybuilding Boards

Need to find a research article

World Class Bodybuilding My new board
Anabolic Universe
Chemical Fitness
Muscle Talk UK

The On-line Medical Dictionary
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Institutes of Health
Another Medical based library