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Bluegrass Miniature Horse Sale

Bluegrass Miniature Horse Sale

Consigned Horses

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  B & Ws The Finishing Touch


Mare  ~  5-4-02

Dun Pinto


This mare has been exposed to a stallion.


               Johnstons Gold Boy 28.50

Sire:  Sunrise Edition 31.00

               Sparkle Plenty 34.00



               Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy 30.00

Dam:  Flying W Farms blue Penny 33.00

               Johnstons Penny 32.5-


  Von Js King Of Knights


Stallion  ~  4-25-00  ~  28.00



This 28 stallion has always done well at the shows.  Placing in the top 3 evertytime usually 2nd.  The only AMHA Shows he has been in is the KSF and placed 1st most of the time in his height class.  Only reason he is selling, too many stallions for our size farm.  Bloodlines include:  Libertys Maxine Mini Ha Ha and Litle Kings Clyde.

               Cay Lees Golden Knight 31.25

Sire:  Star W II Knights Little Rib 31.00

               Samuels Little Angel 33.00



               Libertys Little Bits 30.50

Dam:  Singing Leaves Jeanie 34.00

               Libertys Mini Ha Ha 33.75


  Tiny Trotters Domino


Mare  ~  3-12-05

Black Pinto 


This filly is a beautiful black and white pinto.  She has a small pretty head with beautiful brig dark eyes.  Her grandsire is the great driving horse "Candylands Best Kept Screat".  This filly would make a great driving horse and later a great mare for your herd.  

She is eligible for the AMHR Registry also.

                Schuberts Bullets Painted Splendor - 31.00"

Sire:  Olive Branchs Dandy Splendor - ---

               Cross Country Prelude - 34.00"



               Candylands Best Kept Secreat - 33.50"

Dam:  Tiny Trotters Silk Stockings - 33.50"

               Tiny Trotters Whisper - 33.00"


  Winds All Flash


Mare  ~  5-13-05

Sorrel Pinto 


Flashy chestnut and white paint.  Four white legs, blaze and more.  Full sister to Cowboys Instant Replay who sold here last year.  Has the potential to do it all.


               Dels Golden Nuggett - 29.50"

Sire:  Crescents Rhinestone Cowboy - 30.00"

               Crescents Starlight - 30.75"



               Pleasant Valley Bo Jangles - 29.50"

Dam:  Gone With The Wind - 34.00"

               Pleasant Valley Little Tara - 32.50"


  Not So Rowdy


Stallion  ~  3-27-05

Grey Pinto Overo


 Rowdy is a nice dark grey with minimal whit but out of 2 overos and probably carries the overo gene.  Nice long neck and 2 blue eyes.  Grandson of LaVista Remarkable Remarkable

               La Vista Remarkables Remarkable - 31.00

Sire:  ERL Color Of Fame - 32.00"

               Ten L Farms Exotic Princess - 30.50"



               Crooked Creeks Jack Daniels - 30.50"

Dam:  CCF Blue Looking Glass - 29.50"

               C.C.'S Little Orphan Annie - 33.75"


Silver Meadow Rollies First Affair


Stallion~ 1-15-05



 AMHR Futurity nominated, has 2 Grand Champions top 10 at Nationals. Dad is top 10 in halter and driving. To many client horses to keep one of my own





               C. J. Painted Apache - 35.00

Sire:  Silver Meadows Raleigh - 37.75

               Pandora 3-B - 37.00


               Lady NS Boogerman - 33.00

Dam:  Dale Rays Lady Boogerman - 34.00

             Flying W Farms Blue Boys Melody - 32.00





Kays MLFS Carmen Miranda


Mare  ~  4-9-02

Chestnut Pinto


This beautiful little mare excels in conformation, head shape, eye and expression.  Her baby should be as pretty.  She is bred to Sweetwaters Daniel Boone, National Top Ten Driving Stallion, who has numerous Grand's & Reserve Grands and was the winner of the 2004 Lowell Boone Award.

               Bond Gamble On Me - 30.00"

Sire:  KS Luv Potion No Five - 30.25"

               KS Chocolate Sundae - 33.75"



               Barnetts Little Lad - 33.00

Dam:  Patty Jos Lollipop - 29.50"

               Barnetts Patty Jo - 33.75"


Dels Whitey


Mare  ~  4-16-92 ~  30.50



  This mare has been exposed to a stallion.

               Dell Teras Top Man 26.00

Sire:  Top Mans Cloud Dancer 29.50

               Dels Sunshine 32.00



               Bligo Jo Jo 28.00

Dam:  Dunkels Dumplin 28.50

               Hobby Horse Dunkel 30.00



Gilliams Lora Ann


Mare  ~  4-16-82  ~  30.00



This mare has been exposed to a stallion.

               Belgium Boy Moto 29.00

Sire:  Gilliam Pudgie 29.00

               Helgn Haley Moo 32.00

   Registration paper use not readable

   More information available at sale.

                Bond --- -

Dam:  Bond Schee 33.00

               Bond --- -  30.00



B & Ws Diamond Dust


Mare  ~  4-16-82  ~  30.00

Sorrel Appaloosa


This mare has been exposed to a stallion.

               Stouts Freckled Feather 34.00

Sire:  Lucky Four Kodachrome 33.50

               Stouts Red Wing 33.00


               Half Pint Rocky 32.50

Dam:  B & Ws Diamond Jubilee 32.00

               Buddys Little Smurfette 31.50