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The Journey
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Friday, 13 January 2006
The Journey
Mood:  bright
The morning sky loomed of dragonflies floating within the thick blankets of fog. The morning air smells of the wet rain from the day before. Dameinoin looked up, seeing the morning moon still up, and sighed.
Well no stopping me now, I’ve started on this journey and I won’t stop now. To think I was just living a normal life, I could have stayed and continued, but nooo… I had to go forth. Where’d he go now? Leaving me to build the raft on my own.

As Dameinoin pondered, he continued to tie up the ropes attaching log by log testing the sturdiness of each.

“Finally! It’s completed!” squealed Dameinoin as he inspected the raft. “He’d better be back soon! I cannot waste another day in this thick woodland!”

Triblade wandered through the forest searching, he spun the winterblade around and around irritated. The great lands stretched on for miles. Trees rose up to at least fifty feet high with openings for light to shine through. As the trees lessened, a hill was spotted. Long grass danced like waves from the cold breeze.

“Ha, ha! What I’ve been looking for, finally!” He started dashing toward the hill, holding his scimitar high. He smiled.
“These will do just fine.”

Triblade grabbed an old brown leather sack from his belt and untied the seal. Holding the sack in one hand, he slashed away like a mad berserker clearing his path and stopped at the edge of the hill.

“These herbs will be enough to make 10 glasses of jade well water.”
He started picking up the cut grass herbs and placing it into the sack. Walking back while picking the grass he finally got bored and quickly stuffed them in the bag.*sssfffff*

Triblade quickly turns around peering around for any wild animals loose. The long grass swayed from the cold breeze waving at Triblade while he peered around.

“Hmm…. Thought I heard something.” He turned around and headed off.
*sssssfffffrffffff* gggrrrrr…………..
“What the ….?!”

A tiger leapt out running toward him, eyes glowing rose red. The claws were as sharp as newly bought kitchen knives stained of blood from its victims. Its piercing stare froze Triblade a while then made him wonder. He grappled his long axe and held it in his special stance used for a one-instant kill.

“That’s no ordinary tiger….. It must be him. SHOW YOURSELF!!!” Sweat ran down his face but under the straw hat of his, a grim slowly shown itself. “WELL……C’MON!!!!!”

The tiger growled fiercely charging forward ready to pounce and tear his body apart. The tiger pounced up showing its long claws. “RAAAR!” Triblade swings the axe and swipes it in the air cutting the tiger a bit. The wound flesh automatically started healing itself.

“Yep, definitely not the real thing.” he sputtered.

The tiger did something that astounded Triblade and trampled backward. It wore a sinister grin, an unnatural grin that spread through its face showing sharp yellow-stained teeth. The tiger licked it’s teeth and drooled in hunger.

“Disgusting!” protested Triblade.

The tiger frowned from the statement and clawed at Triblade missing him by a few centimeters. Again the tiger slashed and dashed while Triblade dodged the attacks. Twisting and turning, Triblade hadn’t known that the tiger cut through the sack carrying the herbs. Out of the corner of his eye he finally notices widened eye.

“Dam it! I have no time for your tricks!” hissed Triblade.
He grabbed what he could fit in his hand and started to take off. Noticing his plan, the tiger roared and followed after.

“There you are Triblade where have you been?” shouted Dameinoin.
“No time to explain jump on the raft lets go!”

“What? What happened?”
Through the thick trees Dameinoin could see a tiger charging toward them.

“It’s just a tiger you can easily kill it.”

“No it’s not, It’s one of his demons!” responded Triblade.

Dameinoin looked closely and saw indeed, that it was one of his with the red glowing eyes.
“Got it.”
Dameinoin pushed the raft of the land and jumped on with Triblade.
“Use your magic, blast ‘em!” exclaimed Triblade.
Dameinoin gathered an energy ball from his hand and shot the tiger. The blast shocked the tiger with powerful white lightning paralyzing the tiger.
“The blast should stop it long enough for us to escape.”
The tiger shivered on the ground unable to stand or move another step. Winds eventually picked up as they started moving on in the river. The current pulled the raft north; they headed on in the Yellow river.

“According to my memory we should be crossing by Ruin village after this big turn.” said Dameinoin pointing north.

“Good. We’re close.”

The fog unfolded itself to clear its path for our weary travelers. The land’s grounds are dark in color with little grass and mud. Hanging on a curved part of the land is a small port. Beat and tortured by the seasons, it looks as if it would crumble when stepped on.

“What a dump. Has this village been this ugly when it was populated?” complained Triblade. “Ugh….and what’s with the stench it’s unbearable!”

“No it hasn’t, a once good place but my guess is that he came and well, destroyed the whole village. The stench, I don’t know….” exclaimed Dameinoin.

The leaky raft finally made it to shore abandoning the riders once they reached land. The raft then sank down into the river disappearing from sight. The two looked at the sinking raft for a moment and continued on. Triblade scanned the area with his eyes and sighed.

“We are too late to save this village now.” Triblade kneeled down on one leg grabbed some dirt from the ground and blew it into the wind.

“Stop acting like a dramatic person gees. It’s not like we’re in a movie or nothing.”

They started to explore the so called village. Many of the houses were broken or tore down. Shops covered with vines that hug the walls, anvils without blacksmiths.
A dark shadow stood atop a hill watching them….
What’s this? Trespassers…. I will have to watch out carefully until they leave.

“Hey Dame Boy, make a fire will you? Looks like we’re going to have to stay for the night, besides there might still be some useful tools in tack.”

“Stop with the insults I’m no boy anymore!”
Dameinoin close his eyes, slapped his hands together, gathering energy then shot at a bundle of hay making them light up.
The figure watched with widened eyes at the sight. It must be one of those evil mages!!!!!!!! Well, it seems I’ll get revenge after all…

“What’s that?” asked Dameinoin.
Triblade looked around and quickly saw a dim shine on top the mountain where the cargo house was placed.
“Ambush!!! Move out of the way Damein!”
An arrow flew down from the cargo house atop the hill and zipped for Dameinoin as an eagle does for its prey. He quickly reacted and jumped out of the way, barely missed by an inch. Dameinoin looked up and saw a young lady holding a bow pointing at him. She grabbed several arrows from her back, willing to shoot all at once. Arrows rained down from the sky hitting everything in sight.


“Got it Dameinoin!”

Triblade unlatched his spear and spun it around in one hand, slicing the arrows that came down. He then threw his spear at the mysterious assassin.

She screamed and ducked down dodging the spear. She then threw down knives toward the targets. Dameinoin made a thin barrier blocking the knives while Triblade back flipped from the knives.

“You! Mage! Prepare to die!” shouted the mysterious person.

“Dame what did you do to make her mad?!”

“I never met her in my life!”

“My name is Juneot! Survivor and great assassin of Ruin village!”
Juneot jumped down holding two black daggers. She landed on her feet with no hassle as light as a feather and dashed toward Dameinoin showing her teeth in anger. Triblade jumped in front of her and swayed his scimitar.

“What is your problem girl? We have done nothing to you yet you attack us as if we did burn down your village!”

Juneot shunned him, and replied “One of them came and destroyed the village!” pointing at Dameinoin. “A mage with a dark black robe with a dragon and tiger symbol on the back of the robe, carried a black staff pounded to the ground and shot lighting from the heavens burning our village, many ran, others tried to stop him but all got cut to pieces! That’s why whenever one of his kind passes here I hunt them down.”

At the mention of a mage with a black staff Dameinoin stepped forward, eyes darkened in anger.
“I’m sorry, really I am, but you can’t stay here doubting your sorry self, who attacked you, was. . .” Dameinoin swallowed up his anger.
“A classmate of mine, he was learning with me, he was one of the best mages in school, especially in attack magic, unfortunately too good, he was angered that why we can’t rule and use magic to do it. Our master disagreed and told him it was not the main reason for a mage to learn magic . . . he killed him and disappeared. We are now looking for him to stop his madness once and for all.”

Juneot lowered her weapons, frustrated.

“I will join you then. . . I will avenge my family and my village.”

“Very well then. . .”

Triblade was shocked at Dameinoin’s answer.
“What?! She was about to kill us! Why not return her favor! Or at least leave here!”

“I’m a rogue. I will do whatever I please to do old man.”

“Why you little….!”

Dameinoin stepped in angered again.

“Triblade! We need as much help as we can get…. You are allowed to join, but no funny stuff or you’re dead.”
Juneot started to go back to the cargo hold followed by Triblade and Dameinoin.

Posted by blog/bladem1 at 4:50 PM HST
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