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Cinnamon Cookie Dough Pot Potpourri

10 tbsp. Applesauce
7 ounces Ground Cinnamon
Extra cinnamon to dust the counter top with

Heat the applesauce in a pan until it's warm. Remove from the
heat and add cinnamon. Sauce will reach the consistency of pie
dough. Sometimes you need to add flour to help stiffen the dough.
When you have reached the desired consistency, dust your counter
with cinnamon and roll the dough out with a rolling pin. Use
assorted cookie cutters and shapes. Place "cookies" on a cookie
sheet (don't forget to punch a hole in each cookie so you can hang
it up when it's dry), and let them dry overnight. The next day,
turn the "cookies" over and let that side dry overnight.

Keep alternating sides until they are completely dry. It may take four
or five days (depending upon the humidity).