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Beeswax Rolled Candles

Step 1: To make the wax easier to work with, heat it on a radiator or with a hair dryer
until it's pliable (a minute or two). Cut a piece of wicking; it should be 3/4
inch longer than the length of the candle. Place the wicking along one long edge
of the wax; fold the wax over the wicking and press tightly to seal it in.

Step 2: Carefully roll up the wax sheet with the wicking inside. Make sure the top and
bottom edges remain even and that the wicking stays securely in place.

Step 3: When the candle is the diameter you want, cut off the excess wax with a sharp
utility knife. Use a ruler as a straightedge to make sure that you get a neat,
clean edge.

Step 4: Smooth the cut end by pressing a warmed butter knife (hold it under running hot
water and dry it or warm it with a hair dryer) along the seam. Don't press too
hard; beeswax is delicate and you can easily crush the candle. To prime the end
of the wick, press a tiny bit of wax around it just before lighting it.

Other Info: Vary the height of your candles by cutting the beeswax into strips of different
heights before rolling the candles in different widths as well. You can group
candles of varying widths and heights for an elegant display.

To make a tapered candle, cut a right triangle from a sheet of beeswax. Roll from
one of the equal sides. Make beehive-shape candles by rolling a tapered candle,
then adding layers of sheet wax, each layer slightly shorter than the last. For
square candles, gently press the candle against a hard, smooth surface after each
quarter turn.