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Bath Tea Bags

To make the bags, measure and cut out pieces of lightweight iron-on interfacing, making each piece 36cm x 12cm
Set the iron to cotton, no steam. Lay the piece of interfacing shiny/glue side up and fold in half.
Run the hot iron about one centimetre in over the two open sides, creating glued-down seams. The heat activates
the glue on the interfacing. You now have a pouch. Now fill the pouch with about half a cup of the mixture,
shaking it to the bottom.

Next, fold in the two top corners to meet in the middle, forming a "paper aeroplane-like" point. Iron into place.
Fold over the top and iron again to create a tea bag shape. Tie a knot at the end of the string and attach it to
the bath bag with a staple.