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Bath Jelly

1 packet Unflavored Gelatin
3/4 cup Water
1/2 cup Clear Liquid Soap or Bubble Bath
Fragrance Oils - as desired
Food Coloring - optional
Small objects (silk flowers, toys, small figures, etc.)
1/8 sheet Cardstock weight Paper
Ribbon, Yarn or Raffia (for bow to tie label on jar)
Clear container with lid, such as a small glass canning jar


Empty the packet of gelatin into a large mixing bowl. Set aside.
Heat water in a saucepan, until just boiling. Immediately remove water from heat source.
Carefully pour the hot water into the large mixing bowl and gently mix with gelatin powder. Allow gelatin to completely dissolve.
Be patient! This may take a few minutes.
Slowly and gently stir in the liquid soap to the gelatin mixture. Add a drop of food coloring
and 5-8 drops of fragrance oil. Be careful not to beat mixture or bath jelly will become foamy.
Pour mixture into a clean, clear container. Place your chosen small object inside container, nesting it inside jelly.
Refrigerate Bubble Jelly until set (about 4 hours). As the jelly sets, come up with a name for
your creation. Then using your cardstock paper and ribbon, make a label for the jar. Attach label to bath jelly jar by punching
a hole in one corner of the label. Thread ribbon,
cut long enough to tie around the jar, through hole on label. Tie around the jar! (You can
also decorate your jar with additional small items or dried flowers, as desired.)

To Use

Scoop a small amount of jelly (1 - 2 Tbsp.) into your hand and hold under warm running water for a bubbly bath treat!

Note: This craft can be made for both children as well as adults! The container and object placed in the jelly can
be adjusted to the likes and interests of the person you are making it for. Let your imagination run wild,
and you can come up with some very imaginative bath jelly jars!