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Steel Service Centers Electronic Exchange

Pushing new strategies

As part of our New Economy, service centers must continue to introduce new business strategies in anticipation of sharper worldwide competition and soft profit margins. Analysts acknowledge that manufacturing is among the first parts of the economy to see the impact of changes in interest rates and other factors that slow or recharge growth.

The following pages will explain the products, market, consumers, and uses of the electronic exchange module that we present to you.

Industrial Product: Steel Master Coil

Steel sheet rolled into coil
Variety in:

  • Steel Grades
  • Thickness
  • Coating
  • Weight

Market: Main consumers

  • Automotive Industry (vehicle bodies)
  • Construction Industry
  • Natural Gas distribution (welded pipes)
  • Appliances
  • Machine-building Industry
  • Furniture
  • Other

Industry: Steel Service Centers

First Produced at a Steel Mill coil has to be slitted (cut) to a custom width at a Service Center. Service Centers:

  • Network of Service centers in Canada and US
  • 42 in Ontario, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania
  • Average capacity - 8,000 ton/month
  • Custom slitting
  • Warehousing
  • Steel sales and distribution