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Airsoft Task Force 121

Airsoft Task Force 121 was started in early 2006. The basic idea being that milsim be taken to the next level. The team is based off of Task Force 121, an elite group from mixed special forces trained to hunt and capture/kill people of power during the war on terror. Our group has the utmost respect for those who serve in our armed forces. ATF 121 is set on playing the game of airsoft, but on a different level. That level being MILSIM. We try to keep the game as close to real as possible. Most games are based off of scenarios that include objectives and rules of engagement. We often play in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Anyone interested in joining our team, feel free to attend the game and contact us in person as any new player will be voted on by the team. Integrity and honesty is of utmost importance as cheaters do not make it far in this game. Our members undergo classes taught by military personnel. So if you think you have what it takes, let me know, and show us what your all about on the field! --------------ATF121's NEXT APPEARANCE: Sun 4/23 Dartmouth


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