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Sand In My Shoe
Monday, 16 May 2005
more of the same..
There has been a lot of strange weather here lately. Last May was nothing like this. A lot more rain this time around. Yesterday we had a sand storm come from out of nowhere. Lasted about three or four minutes and then was gone. It was nothing like the one on the video though, at least you could still see. Things here are back in cruise control, just kind of moving right along. I’ve been talking about changing my schedule. Procrastination. Tomorrow, for sure, maybe. Pictures, yes, I need to take care of them. That I am doing today. Hopefully I can get a lot of them uploaded. It takes a long time just to do that. I’ve been eating pretty good I guess. It seems like that is all I do now is eat. There has been an increase in car bombing lately. Some of them manage to get close, but none make it inside. Convocation is over for this year, the first one in the new tabernacle. I can not wait to see it in person. Another boxing event has taken place. Yippee. They did have a little talent show though. It was kind of nice. The manager of the subcontractor for our dining hall did Steppenwolf on karaoke. The crowd loved him. I don’t think they expected a tiny Indian man to do Steppenwolf so well. Well, back to nothingness….

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 12:21 PM
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Thursday, 5 May 2005

here is a little video of the sand storm that everyone is talking about... as always, you folks with dial-up....bring a sack lunch

sand storm in al asad....

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 4:31 AM
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Tuesday, 3 May 2005
moving right along...
Did I miss something here? Is it supposed to be raining in May? As an old acquaintance would say, “Welcome to Iraq.” Last year when I was here it would rain for about a tenth of a second and then stop. That was in March. After that, nothing. Nothing really exciting going on right now over here. There has been an increase in bombings here lately. Good thing the volume on my DVD speakers work. Not to sound too complacent, but with the exception of landing directly on top of me, I’m pretty safe. And besides, we already know that I am coming home and that nothing is going to happen to me. Praise the Lord. I’ve heard that the church is almost finished. I can’t wait to see the final results. Judging from everyone’s reaction and comments that they send, I know it is going to be awesome. What a blessing to be part of this ministry. Thank you, Jesus. Not one thing nor will any person will separate me from it. Lord keep me. Keep your hand upon me, in Jesus Name.

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 6:45 PM
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Sunday, 24 April 2005 the red corner....
Today makes it official. It’s hot. Not just your everyday run of the mill hot, this is the kind of hot that you can feel baking right on your skin. I have been back for about a week now. Everything is about the same as when I left. Not too surprising is the fact that they did nothing to correct the issues that have been ongoing forever and a day while I was away. Well, surprise, surprise, here comes mister government auditor to rain terror down on your little parade. Ah yes, the four little words ring so loudly in the forefront of my mind…..I told you so. Does give me a little bit more work to do though. But that will taper off rather quickly. Gives me more time for other things. Eleven o’clock and I still have a lot to do. First sand storm of the summer came through earlier. It has started. No turning back now. Last night we had a boxing event. It was a lot of fun. Nothing like seeing some loudmouth get the crap knocked out of him. We even had an Iraqi police instructor in the ring. The Iraqi Army located just on the other side of the wall were all on the roof of the closest building (about 10 foot away) enjoying the fights and cheering on their fellow countryman. Our security force, which is made up entirely of Fijians had a man in the ring. All in all, it was great and everyone had a great time. Maybe some video later if I have time. I still have to upload all the pics from the first year onto the new site. Now where are those fig newtons……

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 11:24 PM
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Tuesday, 12 April 2005
Luxor, the best reason to own a wide-angle lens
Just a few more days left in Egypt. I have only three more days to see whatever I can while I am here. I did manage to spend a couple of days in Luxor. I managed to see quite a bit while I was there. I will visit Aswan the next time I visit. Did you know that the only way to get to places like Aswan and Oasis the other outlying places is either by train, if there is one, or by police convoy and there are only certain times of the day that they go. Of course you can fly also. It's almost unbelievable the massiveness of these tombs. I took lots of pictures that I will try to get on the new site as soon as I can find a computer that can handle the download. I think I will return to Alexandria before I leave to see some things that I missed the first couple of times that I went. I have heard through somewhat reliable sources back at the camp that it's really hitting the fan. Allegations of this and that are being thrown around like a midget at a Friday night mud wrestling extravaganza. I don't know why I just can't get have some relaxing time before I go home. The poor guy that they sent there to take my place while I am on vacation is crying to leave. Thought my job was easy, huh? Stupid idiot. Knowing how to do your job, putting up with constant whining, and managing to dodge, weave, leap, and otherwise avoid the political BS that comes with dealing with under qualified, know-it-all, somewhat grown women disguised as men is only a fraction of what you need to make it look as easy as I do. Oh well, just another day in beautiful Baghdad. Maybe I'll play a few mind games when I get back to keep them occupied. After all, it is still officially called Camp Rumor. I wonder what will be floating around the mill when I get back. Who knows, maybe I will become Prime Minister.

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 8:13 PM
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Thursday, 7 April 2005

Before I forget, again. I have a new site for my pictures. The first ones are from this trip and I will add the rest when i get back because I am going to have a lot of free time, I hope...can someone hand me a rusty hatchet for Mr. "I don't give a crap about anyone but myself cause we all got to die someday" that just fired up a smoke. Did I say that out loud? I don't know what it is about people that smoke. I don't care if you do or not but don't take me with you. Have some consideration for other people why don't you. The fact that you want to take the chance and die a long slow painful death does not mean that I want too also. Jump out of a plane, yes. Illnesses and diseases I can't pronounce or spell, no. Anyway, I am through blowing off steam. The link to get to the site is noted below. There is a password. Email me if you want it and please put your name in the subject heading so i will know who you are...

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 4:46 PM
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With only eight days left on this trip, there is still a lot to accomplish while I am here. It's too bad they keep rescheduling meetings and putting a damper on my plans. Tomorrow instead of catching the train to Luxor I will be in a two o'clock meeting. That's okay though I will see if there is a train that leaves at night. Might as well, it's about a 16 hour trip by train. Of course it will cut my trip short by a day. Oh well. Yesterday I got a haircut. I have never seen a barber with not one, not two, but three, count them, three assistants. What the heck does barber need with three assistants? The haircut was okay but nothing to brag about. I did learn one lesson. Never take the shave if they offer. After ripping off half my face then came the aftershave. Yes folks, close your eyes and imagine, a man, in his mid-thirties, screaming out like a ten year old school girl. And I thought the three "assistants" constantly staring at me was too much. Goes to show what I know.

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 4:14 PM
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Friday, 1 April 2005
may i have this dance
Fun, fun, fun in Cairo. Nothing has change really to spite the constant construction that does on. Of course when you are using techniques that are hundreds of years old to do the work, it might seem to be at a stand still. While downtown I actually had a policeman direct me to not cross a certain intersection. What? Is the somewhat graceful art of crossing four to six lanes of heavy traffic coming to a end? Nah. There’s nothing quite like crossing the freeway and taking your time doing. The trick is learning how to work with the traffic instead of against it. A dance, if you will. Today, Alexandria, maybe. I’ll check the train schedule when I get there. If not, maybe I’ll check out some of the old parts of Cairo and do some shopping.

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 11:53 AM
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Sunday, 27 March 2005
quarter pounder....super-size it
Cairo, again. It’s just the way I left it, busy, dirty, and cutthroat. Not even 5 seconds out of the airport were a swarm of taxi cab drivers, limo drivers and anyone with a vehicle used for transport were fighting gladiator style to get the sixty Egyptian pounds it takes to get to the Ramses Hilton. What I do love is the Nascar style of driving that these taxi drivers use to get you where you are going, coming inches, or less, to other cars to make its way. As scary as it may sound to some, I have never seen an accident. I have seen plenty of taxis break down, but no accidents. I am staying in much better accommodations this time. My suite is on the 18th floor over looking the Nile and through the thick haze I can see the pyramids. My first meal in cairo…McDonald’s.

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 11:29 PM
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Friday, 18 March 2005
another video
Now Playing: after the rain
Speaking of videos earlier, I have this one I took about a week agon right after it stopped raining. It rain for a few days which is unusual for March. I can not and will not give information over the internet as to what is on the video at this site because of obvious reasons,and i really don't want to be someones girlfriend in federal prison.

after the rain march05

Posted by blog/apostolictraveler at 9:37 PM
Updated: Friday, 18 March 2005 10:18 PM
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