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Fun Stuff

A page dedicated to all my silly goose friends...P.S. If the font is hard on your eyes, highlight the words.

"Ahn, what to say? Had a great year. Don't forget to use protection..when you ride your bike." -Aaron Shindman

"O-wa O-wa O-wa." -Mike Hernandez

"Dear friend, Arif Patel says 'keep it gangster!" -Arif

"Whoa! Giganti-pen that makes signing super fun!" -Diana

"Hey ann, eco was fun wasn't it? No, not really." -Arduino

"Ann! Word. Ok, i want 5 wing Fry and Root beer! Playin Thanks for always ordering my food and i hope you do so again next yr. P.S. I'm horny" -Victor

"SHUT UP ANN!, You shut up!..NO YOU SHUT UP!" -Lisa

"Yo Ann, Whut up? Keepin it Gangster and what not. I can't believe you dropped slob. Anyways, later dayz. P.S. Loose skin...and old balls" -Shayi

"Ahnh -it looks like Ahn. huh? whatever." -Endri

"Miss ANH of 20,000 leagues" - PRINCEZ Chandan

"Hey Ann, Anh, Ahn, Ohn! Chemistsry was too fun this year. By the way, what did we learn?! Take chem next year!" -Amanda

"Please do not get sick again and make us drive you to the emergency room next year. Stay Healthy!" -Vu

"...keep your hair short to support the effort, and fart when you want to express yourself." -Phuong

"Virus' are like Pokemon...Gotta Catch them all!" -Curtis

"Hey, Do you like Food?"-Quangster

"Hey, Do you like stuffff?"(he's saying this while he slowly takes out his hand to offer some mints that look like drugs) -Thien

"What do you call a hot guy you see at Memo? A Visitor! (so true)AHAHAHA."-Morgan

"When I grow up, I'm gonna become a monkey."-Arif

"I hate snow, u shovel it and then it melts..WHATS THE POINT!!" -Victor

"Guns don't kill people! Bullets do!-PrinCEz Shandan

"Inhale, Exhale, it's all about Rexdale!"-Mr.Ping Pong"

"Y'all gonna make me act a fool, up in herre, up in herre"