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* ::Journal::

* Feb.6-8/04

Went to Blizzard at Muskoka Woods. Had a blast *wink wink,nudge nudge* Our team took home the trophy! all thanks to the guys who ran around in the snow with just their boxers -20 degrees Celsius. That probably earned us a gajillion points. Man, only Rexdale kids would pull a stunt like, they make me so proud! Tons of funny and awesome memories!

* Feb.12/04

I barfed in school today. It wasn't pretty. I tasted the twizzlers coming up my throat. Sorry! Anyhoo, I narrowly escaped throwing up in ceramics class, but Mrs. Cooke was smart enough to let me leave the room in time. I was hurrying towards the washroom, and i passed by Mr. Munroe. He said, "hi..blah blah.." And i was like, "No time to talk! I g2g throw up now!" He gave me this weird look and walked away. That was the tale of my gross day.

* Jan.16-18/04

I had such a blast playing with the band at Bedlam. All the little junior high kids were so rad. We got to play 5 sets for the whole weekend, which was great. The first night was kinda hectic because we were the last ones to arrive..this was bad cuz they were all waiting for us to play!
The guys came up with a nickname for me, which is "poops." It's not what it means!..haha.
The food at Joy Bible Camp was the best camp food i've ever had!
On Saturday night, me and Andrew played an acoustic set for 45 minutes. I was totally winging it because they just asked us to play any songs...hehe..Andrew was just pulling out songs as we went along. It was pretty spiffy..a great experience.

* Feb.26/04

I got a call back from Muskoka today. Turns out I have an interview next Wednesday.

* Feb.29-Mar.1/04

I saw the Passion of the Christ on Sat..good flick.
On Sunday, our worship team got to lead the Sunday service at Rexdale. It was really awesome. Andrew started a song that wasn't on the set list w/o letting us know, so that kinda caught us offguard. It was so funny, we all looked at each other with this frantic look trying to figure out what was going on.
AHHH! I just found out my U of T Audition/interview is March 26th, which is sooner then I hoped. I might not get to go to Oklaholma after shucks.

* Mar.8/04

I came to school early on a late start day. That's so sucky! I could've taken advantage of it and slept in,but I didn't!
On a more serious note, I found out Ruben from last year's class committed suicide. I don't know what brought him to do that, but it's incredibly disheartening.

* Mar.16-22/04

I had an amaaaazing time at Tulsa, Oklahoma with all my family. They are such awesome, sweet people..i love them to bits! When I got over there, we went to the mall to shop for dresses...surprised eh? I got mad deals!
We hung out all week and stayed up late every night just talking girl talk..(wouldn't you like to know)
The wedding was really nice...really pretty. awwww. We went bowling after the reception. I sucked big time but that's besides the point, b.c. i had fun anyways.
Going home was the pits...we just hugged and cried the whole time before I left. I miss all my cousins soooo much.

* Mar.26/04

I had my U of T audition/interview today. I messed up on my playing, and some of the questions..but overall it went pretty well. My adjudicators were awesome..they were the nicest adjudicators i've ever had. We were joking around and they helped me out with some of the questions..haha. Are they supposed to be doing that?
I was surprised at how few questions they asked about music stuff...phew, because my music knowledge is pretty rusty.
Oh yea..i was at Mcdonald's today and did something really embarassing. I was feeling a little woozy as i went down the stairs. I missed a step and my drink went flying over the railing and landed right next to some people. SPLAT!

April 7,2004

I got followed by some weirdo kid on Friday. He took a grab at me!..I was so scared and taken back that i didn't know what to do. If i had 1 sec. longer to plan out my course of action, i woulda karate-chopped the kid's hand off.
ANYHOO, i told Andrew and the guys about this, and they all said they'd look out for me:0) I feel better knowing that i have people watching my back, not that i need protection or anything *ahem*..ya right. They also taught me some good WWF wrestling moves to use on this kid..i'll try to put it to use next time.

Why are all my entries being indented? Ah, i'm an html nerd..someone help me fix this.

April 9, 2004

Crap. There's a big crack on the bottom of my guitar....arrrrgh!!! and I mean BIG. If duct tape can't fix it..nothing will.
I'm gonna be working at the Merch booth for the Switchfoot show. Yay. If anybody wants anything, i'll hook you up..jokes.

April 11,2004

Jimmy, James White, James Fob, Big Mike, Quoc&Thai got baptized today. I'm so proud of my boys!Btw,I'm not the only girl in our sunday school class anymore. WHoooohooo! I'll never forget all the wise guy advice you all gave terms such as "Wingman/Elaine" and "Isol"...and other stupid pick up lines not worth mentioning.

April 14, 2004

I volunteered at the Switchfoot show. Selling merch there was crazzzzy. I have not seen so much money in my was literally overflowing out of the cash box. The sucky part was that I didn't get to meet all of the Switchfoot guys. I met Jon and Chad, but we didn't get to talk that long. boo.
The concert venue was way too big for my liking. I prefer small intimate concerts. Switchfoot's set was soooo short!