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My bio

Sorry if my bio doesn't really tell much about myself..i'm feeling kinda lazy to update it.

Embarassing stories I thought I'd share!:
1. blowing up a pop tart in the school microwave//having a salesperson walk in on me while changing in a store//tripping and cutting myself while trying to chase after the bus//
sat on a red marker...ladies?//lost the rental car keys//spilling my drink of a complete stranger//dropping my popsicle on a kid on a crowded bus

Useless facts and thingamabobs

Real Name: Quynh Anh Thanh Nguyen [yep, it's a long name, that one. Don't ever ask me how to pronouce it.]

Future plans: Become a busker/starving artist

D.O.B.: January 6, 1986

Height: 5'4

Faith: Christian.

Born: vietnam

School: Y.M.C.I.

Musical Intruments: Pinano, Tubamaba(it hurts!),Nice-pretty-but sometimes ugly guitar,hand drumming( i just picked that up a few minutes ago)..and more to come!

Bad Habits: biting my nails

Peeves: 1. jenny jones

2. Dishonesty

Type of music: Anything but Scream-o

Bands:Switchfoot//MxPx//Ben Folds//John Mayer//P.O.D.//Weezer//Anberlin//U2//FIF//Rage Against the Machine//Missy Elliot

Cool People:
1. 2. Jon Foreman...guitar/song-writer genius,

What is The Beautiful Letdown?
"The letdown is the idea that your hands are ripped away from all the things that the earth has established. Sometimes, your fingers are torn off in the process. When all those things are stripped away and all that remains is who you truly are, that's where the kingdom of heaven lives. [Christ] didn't come for the people who have their hands on the money. He didn't come for the people who didn't need a doctor. He came for the sick, the poor, the broken, the losers, and the ugly jerks. He came for you and me, and that act is basically the beautiful letdown." -Jon Foreman

3. Napoleon Dynamite. This guy just proves that its cool to be uncool.

Pick up lines NOT to use on a Girl:

*My love for you is like diarrhea. I just can't hold it in!

*Do you like food?

*My friend told me to come and meet you, He said that you are a really nice person. i think you know Him. Jesus, yeah thats His name.

*[check the person's shirt tag] "just as i thought... made in heaven."<----Ewwwwww, this one's the worse.


My favourite Links!

This page is made by Shayi, thanx to all of Mahi's infamous sayings.. Check it out!