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December 4th, 2006
By, John Minall

Alcoholism is a major problem world wide, here in the United States it is estimated that ten percent of males and three percent of females suffer from on going problems due to the abuse of alcohol. Although alcohol use affects many of the organs of the body and body system, the two affected the most are the central nervous system and the liver. Between ten and fifteen percent of alcoholics have Liver Cirrhosis at the time of their death, it is also one of the ten leading causes of death in the United States. Some alcoholics are more prone to Liver Cirrhosis because of genetic factors or infections with the Hepatis C Virus, women are also at a higher risk than men.

The three most distinct liver diseases that occur from abusing alcohol are Steatosis(A.K.A:Fatty Liver), which is an accumulation of fat in the hepatocytes, which is the cell type of the liver. Another is Hepatitis and the third is the afore mentioned Cirrhosis.

Although there is not much harm done from the occassional drink or the occassional drinking night with friends, chronic abuse of alcohol leads to many problems. Including the three afore mentioned diseases that chronic alcohol abuse can lead to, it can also lead to withdrawal and depression.


But...there is help
There are many ways to help decrease your likely hood of alcoholism. Some ways include decreasing the amount you drink, the obvious not drinking at all(but I doubt there is anyone alive who can actually say they've never had a drink in their life, except maybe babies), drinking in moderation everytime you drink, or if you are already an alcoholic you could try Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A. Another form of help is having supportive friends and family members, who are their to help you when you resort to drinking.

In Alcoholics Anonymous there is a twelve step process in which one is to heal themselves of the disease of alcoholism. Often these groups are led by the Serenity Prayer. One also has a sponsor, someone who brought them to the group, who they can call at any time if they are having a problem and are thinking of going back to drinking. There is also a group that meets in which all of the members are able to discuss their problems with one another.

Serenity Prayer
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