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Grandpa Cecil Earl Fenn Carter

Cecil's siblings were William Franklin, Emmett Marvin, Robert Lee, Arthur Lee and Carolyn. Cecil's parents were Wm Frank Fenn and Annie Lee Stone according to his death certificate which was signed by Emmett. Emmett died leaving certain items to Cecil's children because Emmett never married and had no children. Emmett and his brother Frank worked on the railroad and lived in downtown Montgomery for a long time before Frank moved to Coosada. Cecil married Emma Alice McClain, daughter of Charles Allen McClain and Lorena Emma Bozeman. Cecil's children were Cecil Earl Carter Jr, Annie Lee Carter, and William Lawrence Carter. Annie changed her name to Anne Alice. Cecil's father's death certificate shows that our great grandpa William Fenn was born in Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama. William's parents had come from Early County Georgia. Annie Stone's parents all came from Georgia to Montgomery Alabama and then settled in Macon Alabama by 1850. William's father was in the civil war and his grandfather in the American Revolution. Cecil served in the US Army in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX for many years and his discharge papers describe him as a tall dark ruddy complected man from Macon Georgia. Cousin Ruby or Ila Gibson both talked about him on the phone last year saying he was still military when he married Alice McClain but I found his Time Book in mom's belongings with a grocery list and other items like the time for his crew on a page titled Oak Park Project so we are clueless as to what this means. Cecil had been born in Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama around 1900 but his parents soon divorced. Cousin Martha Fenn told me in person that Annie was leaving William and all the children behind as she stepped towards the train, the baby Cecil was crying so his father said to her, take this one and she did. ........................ William soon remarried to an Eva Dakota and they lived in Barbour County for a while as he worked on his cousin Matthew Fenn's plantation in Eufaula which is written about in the Early Settlers of Barbour County book............................. William and Eva are later found in Montgomery as he is old and sick, with Carolyn and Emmett in the household. ............................... William and his brother are buried in Greenwood Cemetery next to Emmett in lots owned by Preston Orr. .............................. Cecil and Alice have unmarked graves at Memorial Cemetery where there three children are also buried. ........................... Cecil's headstone was furnished by the VA and mom checked into and I have also recently checked into it trying to get it placed. He is buried by an old rusty water pump on a small hilly area where many paupers were buried during an epidemic. However Cecil died an alcholic on Columbus Street, found on the roadside in the bushes.................................. His wife died after giving birth to their third child, because Cecil had beaten her earlier that day, in one of his drunken rages.................................. Cecil was a cruel man they say and his brothers did not have much to do with him.....He knew he was adopted by an unknown Carter when his mother remarried but his mother died around 1934 so Cecil stayed near his family in Montgomery Alabama and we find a Walter Stone listed as paul bearer in his obituary. His cousin Martha ( daughter of Frank ) tells us that Cecil's brother Arthur Lee died in his 20s and that the other brother Robert Lee lived in Chicago but is buried by her daddy in Coosada..................There is also a cousin Nancy Fenn in Montgomery who has done many years of research on the Fenn family................Marths's brother Bob lives in Elmore County Alabama and we have talked some about our family. He says that his dad, Frank, had a housefire in Coosada, losing the family photos and many other things but he did remember having a photo on the tv of a baseball player named Tige Stone that Annie Stone Fenn Carter had sent them. Bob called her Grandma Carter. Martha said Annie sent them expensive gifts in the mail but it stopped suddenly when Annie died and Martha remembered her parents going to the train to attend that funeral...................................Martha said that her Aunt Carolyn Fenn married a Ben Johnson and lived a poor life in Oklahoma and they had one daughter named Jean..........Ben is found as a child in Choctaw Nation Texas and they are found together in Creek Oklahoma later on in 1930........................

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Grandpa Cecil Earl Fenn Carter
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His granny Emeline Harrell Fenn in Tuskegee
His wife Alice McClain and children
His grave by a rusty water pump
His death certificate reveals his parents
His brother Frank lived in Coosada and looks like our Uncle Billy
His brother Emmett had large features like Cecil
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His obituary
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His wife's McClain lineage
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His mother's G grandfather had 5 sons and 1 daughter in 1830 Georgia
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His Stone grandparents in 1850 Macon Alabama
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His Military Discharge Papers
His GGG grandfather of Virginia

His wife Alice Emma McClain Carter died at age of 19

His wife Alice McClain's ancestry
His wife Alice McClain Carter, her brother Joe McClain
Her brother Walton, her father Charlie
Her mother was Lorena Emma Bozeman McClain
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Her father Charlie McClain was in WWI see his draft card registration
Her GG grandfather Josiah McLain went to Georgia
Her granny Elizabeth Broadway McClain
Her mother's Bible Records
Her grandfather Josiah deserted his first wife in GA
Her GGG grandfather Elisha Anderson in Montgomery from SC
Her GGG grandfather Charles McClain of Spartanburg South Carolina
Her GGG grandfather Wm Sellers to the Mayflower lineage
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