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Of Textbooks and Tribulations

That’s right, boys and girls. It’s class time again, and that means three things: alarm clocks, sweltering walks with freezing classes, and hauling enough textbooks around to qualify you as a weightlifter.

We found local I Eta Pi sorority member, Brandi Lee*, standing in the CD-E aisle at the University Co-op on Guadalupe St, under an obviously confusing sign which read “Chemistry books on back wall.” Lee admitted to having trouble locating her books at first, but “then I totally liked looked at my schedule, and realized, there it is!” She proudly displayed her textbook, “Commentary on Art in the Fourteenth Century,” sixth edition. “And I’m totally positive that this is the book my chemistry professor asked for, so I don’t even have to work about keeping up with receipts and stuff,” Lee enthused.

Things weren’t looking so positive closer to the history texts, where freshman Dave Gryer was debating which one of his 15 novels to purchase first. “Yeah, I’d love to get an A in the class, but there’s just too many books. How cools is it going to look when I walk into a classroom with a backpack? Even at the largest university in the nation, I’d never get layed.” Throughout his interview, Gryer repeatedly referred to UT as the “largest university in the nation,” obviously a side effect of the previous evening’s Gone to Texas rally. Gryer also continuously praised the Texas Cheerleaders, “especially that swoll guy who led the pep rally. Um…but don’t print that.” Sorry, Dave. Journalism is a “take no hostages” business.

Upstairs in the Co-op, several students were browsing through UT clothing and accessories. Some, like Catie Snow, expressed their frustration with classes. “I just think that clothes are the more practical choice. If books weren’t so expensive, I would totally buy those instead. I mean, the girl at the counter told me that the publishers or someone set the prices, but whatever. People are just so greedy,” Snow insisted while browsing Longhorn tank tops. “Does burnt orange bring out my eyes, or what?”

The author considers her yearlong stint dealing with college bookstore customers her own personal journey into hell.

*Requested her real name be used