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Mother Finally Chooses Which Child She Loves More

Norfolk, VA – It is an age old question that every child with siblings is bound to ask at some point in their childhood years, “which one of us do you love the most?” Most parents can deftly sidestep the issue or at least lie to their offspring with the line “I love you all equally.” However, in the case of 37 year-old mother of two Cindy Betteford, there was no fabrication in her conversation with her daughter Nicole, 7.

“I was cooking dinner and talking to my girlfriend Ginger on the phone when Nicole asked me if I loved her or Matthew more. I told her that they were both special and sent her off to watch some television but eventually she came back. I was listening to Ginger tell me about the necklace Amanda’s husband bought her when Nicole came back and started tugging at my clothes and asking again. Well, Heaven knows what that child has on her grimy hands and I was just so busy that the Matthew’s name slipped out. When you think about it, that is the honest answer, I mean, the child never asks for anything and stays out of my hair. Whereas Nicole bothers me all the time, ‘Mommy, I’m bleeding’, ‘Mommy, I don’t know how to make a tequila sunrise’, ‘Mommy, the school says I can’t come back until the lice are gone’ and other stuff like that. She never does anything herself, you know?” Nicole’s mother explained.

Matthew Betteford, 10, shared his feelings on the issue while playing one of his favorite video games. “It is a pretty obvious choice. Nicole is pretty stupid and look at me, what’s not to love? I’m cool and funny, like this one time at lunch I put carrot sticks up my nose and blew them at the girl’s table.” After a quick glance into the hallway he continued, “that was some pretty sweet crap. Mom doesn’t like me to swear, if she hears me I’ll get in loads of trouble but I don’t care. Now leave me alone, I’m trying to find the secret area in the castle.”

Nicole refused to answer any questions but instead shouted through her door between long sobs that “she was running away and never coming back. Ever.”

By pixelcube