I get this question occasionally; that's what I get for not using some indecipherable screen name. "Adelaide Vasilek" is my pen name of choice. I've been using it for years, and I'm far to lazy to change it now.

Mostly completely random stories and news posts. I'll be completely honest - I blog mostly for myself. I keep calendars (because I'm paranoid about forgetting things) and indexes of my favorite links. Beyond that, this is done maybe for the 2-5 people I really want to keep updated on my daily life. Essentially, if you are not at all interested in my daily life or anthropology - this is not for you.

Belly buttons are an important part of our development as placental mammals. Mine is a personal connection to the ethereal umbilical cord that supplies me with the nutrients to fuel my awesome superpowers. Plus, this whole thing is just navel gazing.

Paisley. Who cares if it's a pattern. That everything I own is blue is completely coincidental. The result of subconscious coordinating.

I designed the layout of this blog in Mozilla Firefox, Version 0.8. Yes, the spacing looks weird in Internet Explorer (I'm not too sure about any other browsers). More incentive for you to make the switch to Firefox.

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