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The Continuing Banana Saga

I share over 25% of my genes with a banana.

"No, I think most people share over 25% of their genes with a banana, but you share a like amount with a plantain. Because they're small, you see."
- Jeff

"I would just like to correct your source. Plantains are in fact bigger than bananas. As a banana connoisseur I know these things. Of course if they meant a plantain was pretter and more talented than a banaba, you're all plantain. A banaba, or course, being Roshanese for banana ... or barnaby really... I don't spell white names well."
- Roshan

"I would argue that the determining factor between plantains and bananas isn't size so much as the nature of the fruit. Bananas are generally sweet, and often eaten raw when properly ripe, while plantains are starchy, and generally used in cooking, and useful when still green. They're the staple starch for about 20 million people, mostly in Africa and Southeast Asia.
- Mike

"Mike, plantains hve a much better relationship with their consumers than bananas do. The history of bananas has been marred by the blood of underpaid workers and political insurgents, while plantains are peaceful. Who ever heard of a plantain republic?"
- Roshan

All quotes are minimally edited for only as much embarrassment as is necessary.