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123Together Exchange Hosting Services

123Together's Microsoft Exchange 2003 Hosting services can give you and your company so many benefits. By using their exchange hosting service You will be able to work from "Anywhere" "Anytime"and increase your productivity. you will be able to save thousands of dollars by not having to purchase licenses for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, backup software, backup tapes, antivirus software, and an expert to setup and maintain it on an ongoing basis. 123Together also can maintain your data security.Another advanced exchange hosting provided by 123Together provides is Dedicated Exchange Hosting Server. Dedicated Exchange Hosting Server. Some of the features that dedicated exchange hosting service includes are Enterprise-level ASP infrastructure, Fully managed dedicated hardware and Monitoring and reporting services.


PLAD Platform Technology

123 Together has invested significant time, energy and money to develop PLAD - Private Label Application Delivery (TM) Platform to enable the customers to easily & scalably provision services and enabling resellers to private label the entire service without any manual intervention.


Built entirely using latest Microsoft technology: .Net: C#, XML

Web Administration interface allowing for quick user experience

Real-time reporting

Logging and auditing for security

Error handling:

Multi-part Operations

Compensating Transactions

Scalable architecture




"Easy to setup, easy to use, at a price I can afford. What more can I ask for?" - Sarah Finkelman

"We tried one of your competitors, but their service was constantly down. And they charged us for VPN access. I'm glad I found 123Together - can't beat it!" - David Holbrook

"At first I was afraid that the service would be slow over the Internet, but with Outlook 2003, I can't feel any slowness at all, it's just as fast as if the server was in my office - and I'm across the country." - Jim Hight

"What a great service - you have made our company so much more productive. We have 3 offices with 41 people across the country and this saves us an incredible amount of time by being able to easily share files, contacts, and calendars."
- Donald Entine