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Gender: Female

Team: The Firament Team (Leader)

Wins: 144


Spar Wins:

Spar Losses:

Class: GT

Organoids: The Phoenix (evolved form Valefor), Ixion and Griever

Unique Attack--The Phoenix: Sonic Wings(evolved form Valefor)

Unique Attack--Ixion: Aerospark

Unique Attack--Griever: Gravija

Special Attacks--The Phoenix: Phoenix Flame, Energy Ray(evolved form Valefor), Energy Blast(evolved form Valefor)

Special Attacks--Ixion: Spirit of the Unicorn, Thor's Hammer

Special Attacks--Griever: Outrage, Shockwave Pulsar

Zoid: Geno Saurer Maxi(Phoenix)

Attack: 11,250

Defense: 9,550

Velocity: 10,525

Geno Saurer Maxi Weapons: Mouth Mount Charged Particle Cannon, High Output Coolers, Enhanced Radar, Thermal Scanner, Burning Big Bang Missiles, 5x Quad Ion Boosters, Charged Shock Blasters, Hardend Alloy Jaws, Forehead Spear, Mouth Mount Angel Beam Cannon(above Mouth Mount Charged Particle Cannon), Energy Expansion Spikes, Small Particle Intake Fan, Thermal Radiator, Heavy Armor, Hardened Alloy Armor x12, Thermal Radiator, Bolt Ball Attack, 80mm Anti-Air Cannon, Sonic Boom, Voltage Microchip, Solar Screen, Charged Particle Tail Spikes, Speed Generator x0, Dual Shock Claws, Energy Shield, Napalm Cannon, Duel Shuriken Assault Launchers, Rail Driver Cannon, Retractable Claws, Twin TMV Long Range Ballistic Missles

C.A.S: Crimson Geno

Attack: 7,125

Defense: 5,625

Velocity: 6,550

Crimson Geno Weapons:

Zoid: Berserk Fuhrer(Ixion)

Attack: 9,575

Defense: 10,390

Velocity: 7,355

Berserk Fuhrer Weapons:

C.A.S: Berserk Fuhrer Storm

Attack: 23,328

Defense: 19,415

Velocity: 19,605

Berserk Fuhrer Storm Weapons: Hardened Alloy Armor, Tornado Blast, Bolt Ball Attack, Array Blades x2, Twin AZ185mm Beam Cannons with "Buster Claw" Electrostatic Shield Generator Arrays, Burning Big Bang Missiles, Enhanced Radar, Charged Particle Tail Spikes, Mouth Mount Charged Particle Cannon, Mouth Mount Angel Beam Cannon(above Mouth Mount Charged Particle Cannon), Charged Partica Shield, Heavy Armor, Speed Generator x20, Quad Ion Boosters x13, Sonic Boom, Energy Expansion Spikes, Thermal Scanner, Small Particle Intake Fan, Charged Shock Blasters, High Output Coolers, Solar Screen, Thermal Radiator, Hydraulic Jaws, Armor Reinforcement x3, Sickle Horn, Voltage Microchip, Energy Shield x3, Duel Shuriken Assault Launchers, Twin TVM Long Range Ballistic Missiles x2, Naplam Cannon, Speed Thrusters x2, Jet Boosters x5, Twin Electromagnetic Blades, Quad Hybrid Cannons x2, Recoil Shield, Jaw Clamp, Piercing Screen, Ice Strike, Dark Time Unit, Sniper Rifle, Charged Particle Claws, 80mm Anti-Air Cannon, 2x Arm Gatling Guns, Dual Shot Impact Cannon, Ice Strike, Speed Generator x30, Charged Particle Blades, Seven Claw Attack, Rapid Fire Particle Cannon, Retactable Claws, Electromagnetic Tail Blade, Long Range Buster Cannon, Twin AZ105mm Cannons, Ion Cannon

C.A.S: Crescent Force

Attack: 12,875

Defense: 13,690

Velocity: 12,830

Crescent Force Weapons:

Zoid: Dark Falcon fused with Griever

Attack: 13,150

Defense: 8,675

Velocity: 9,370

Dark Falcon: Twin AZ185mm Beam Cannons with "Buster Claw" Electrostatic Shield Generator Arrays, Sonic Boom, High Output Coolers, Burning Big Bang Missiles, Enhanced Radar, Energy Expansion Spikes, Thermal Scanner, Angel Beam Cannon(Underneath Mouth Mount Charged Particle Cannon), Small Particle Intake Fan, Mouth Mount Charged Particle Cannon, Heavy Armor, Stealth Shield, Sickle Horn, Thermal Radiator, Charged Partica Shield, Voltage Microchip, Solar Screen, Duel Shuriken Launchers, Hydrulic Jaws, Dual Shock Claws, Retractable Claws, Seven Claw Attack, Mouth Mount Shadow Cannon(in between CPC and Angel Beam), Energy Shield, Twin TVM Long Rang Ballistic Missiles, 2x Quad Ion Boosters, Speed Generator x50, Weapon Reinforcement, Charged Partica Shield, Laser Probe x2

C.A.S: Dark Terror

Attack: 8,750

Defense: 4,725

Velocity: 2,675


Job: Backdraft Commander, Judge, C.A.S. Mechanic(not paid for), Organoid Architect(not paid for)

Alignment: Neutral

Money: $185,000

Aim: Raccoon021


Pilot Background

My Trophie Zoid

My Yoshi I adopted! His name is...Yoshi!

Yoshi Speak!


"When it rains, it pours."

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