25 January 1998

Southern Baptist University, Theological Seminary
Rep:Office in Malaysia
No.12 Jalan BPU 9, Bandar Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong Selangor, Malaysia

Dear Bishop Dr. Francis Mathew,

Approval and endorsement of Southern Baptist University, Theological Seminary

Greetings in Jesus most name excellent name.

The objectives of Southern Baptist University (SBU), Theological Seminary are worthy and biblical in that they seek to prepare and equip Bible believers to face the ever changing, challenging and pluralistic Society.

Our experience of living as individual human beings in a complex and fast changing world is essentially an experience of relationships with things, with persons, with organizations and with different ideas.

SBU is definitely the Theological Seminary for todays minister who needs to be exposed to the different Schools of thought and hopefully through this , the spirit of mutual respect which is of God, will be implanted in the student for this is not merely an intellectual center but a Seminary, which is a place of emotional and spiritual development.

The Commandment to love one another even as we love ourselves is so important and I believe that SBU can fulfill this mission.

Therefore I, Rev. Paul Murugesu , through the authority of Siloam Evangelical Church of Malaysia hereby approve and endorse Southern Baptist University, Theological Seminary as an alternative seminary training for Pastors, Church leaders and Bible believers in Asia.

May God continue to bless this Seminary and may it's students be fruitful wherever they are sent.

God bless.

In His Matchless Name,
Rev. Paul Murugesu B.Min.
President of Siloam Evangelical Church of Malaysia.
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