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What's New @ Wheel Nuts...

What's New @ - As you can see we finally got the website up and running thanks to one of our mechanics website skills. With out new website you will be able to learn about bikes and accecories we sell. There are also many cycling links available for clubs and events.


Todays Cycling Tip

Basic Safety Rules For The Road - To be safe, always ride in the same direction as traffic and follow all the rules of the road such as stopping at all stop signs and red lights, using hand signals and following lane markings. It's also important to wear a helmet. Consider wearing bright clothing, too, to enhance your visibility. Plus, if you plan to ride after dark, be sure to equip your bicycle with a good front and rear light (this is required by law in most states, too).




Featured Product
Vulcanizing Patch Kit

Regular Price:$2.50

Sale Price:$1.89


Make sure you dont get caught on the trail without A Park Tools vp-1 patch kit.


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