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Original Ms Pac-Man Board!

Brand New Cocktail Cabinet!

Unbelievably Low Price!

No Reserve!!!!


This gorgeous new Ms Pac-Man cocktail table has been expertly crafted with close attention to detail. The cabinet has been glued, pressure-clamped, and screwed together to provide extra stability. Unlike the older models which were huge power drains, the modern power supply and wiring harness ensures better energy efficiency. You can easily adjust the game for either Coin Operation or Free Play. Pac-Man roms are included.

Other special features:

19" monitor
new leg levers
new power cord
new RF filter
new fuse block and fuses
new 15 amp power supply
new high voltage wiring harness
new speaker and speaker cover
new game wiring harness ,edge connector and molex connectors
new control panels (joysticks, artwork , start buttons and and steal panels)
new monitor bezel
new top artwork
new glass and glass hold down clips
new coin door lock
new 13/16 black T molding
new 1 inch black T molding
rebuilt coin door
¾ inch 7 ply birch hardwood plywood
black counter top laminate

Buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for shipping of this unit. We are happy to deliver to any location within a 50 mile radius of Riverside, CA for a $50 fee. Please email us if you have any questions.

NOTE: We do welcome your PAYPAL payment. However our PAYPAL account is not a merchant account and therefore cannot accept credit cards. If you choose to pay with PAYPAL you will need to ensure that funds are drawn on a bank account instead of a credit card. See the PAYPAL site for details.

Thank you for looking, and good luck with your bids!