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Ballistica Maximus Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ 480.200.5700
Ballistica Maximus Corp.
St. Petersburg, FL. 727.528.2893

Price: US$38.00/pc FOB Busan, Korea.
Shipment: within 40 days after receipt of L/C in case of 10,000pcs.
Payment: by an irrevocable Tansferable L/C at sight in our favor.
No government permit or paper work necessary For Export. Import Paperwork May Be Applied For By Purchaser

A. Components
Face Piece : Synthetic Rubber
Canister : Aluminum (Mounting Adapter : Screw Type)
Carrying Bag

B. Protect Against: Chemical, Biological agents and Dust etc.
C. Weight h Including Canister : 750 10% grams
h Canister : 280 10% grams (Chemical filter + Mechanical filter) D. Technical Specifications

1. CANISTER (1) Chemical Filter (Impregnated Activated Carbon)

TABLE 1. Particle Size Distribution Percent by weight

Passing a No. 8 sieve 100.0
Retained on a No. 12 sieve 0 to 2
Retained on a No. 16 sieve 10 to 30
Retained on a No. 20 sieve 40 to 65
Retained on a No. 30 sieve 10 to 35
Passing a No. 30 sieve 0 to 2.5

TABLE 2. Other Characteristics

Property Description
Hardness No., min. 80
Moisture content, max. 1.0
Bulk density, g/, max. 0.63
Ammonia content, of air/100 0.0034
of activated carbon, max. Silver content, , min. 0.030

(2) Mechanical Filter

DOP smoke penetration
+- below 0.025% (before rough handling test procedure)
+- below 0.050% (after rough handling test procedure)
The high quality and efficiency filter paper
Low enough to allow normal breathing from the influent air except carbon monoxide
High ability to extract fumes, dust and aerosols

Inlet valve disk allows filtered air to enter the face piece and prevents moist exhaled air from entering the canister
Nosecup valve disk allows filtered air to enter nose cup and prevents moist exhaled air from fogging eye lenses
Outlet valve disk releases exhaled air and prevents unfiltered air from entering the face piece
Head harness consists of a head pad, forehead straps(2), temple straps(2), cheek straps(2) and donning tab
The soft-rubber nose cup fits over the wearers nose and mouth
Hard coated polycarbonate lenses to resist scratching and impact
Broad peripheral and and downward vision
Canister mounting on front side of mask
Speaking diaphragm (Voice-Transmitting System)

(2) Specification for Elastomers parts

Property Description

Tensile strength, kg/ min. 55
Elongation, min. 350
Hardness (Shore A). 64
Tear strength, kg 31

(3) Specification for Plastic parts Property Description

Resistance for chemical and acids No Defects
Heatproof test No Defects
Break Temperature test No Defects
Loss in weight on heating test No Defects