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NBC kit, from new manufacture.


NBC Kit.


To be made from current production, delivery period according to quantities, after receipt of acceptable payment.


According to quantities. Please Inquire.



The individual NBC KIT 1/90 puts at Soldier/Civilian's disposal a complete series of preventive and First Aid medications, absolutely necessary not only in case of CW attack, but also to alleviate the most common illnesses under training, operational or civilian urgency needs.

The different items are disposed in logical order and are immediately located. They are secured in such a way to eliminate the vibrations and shocks problems the KIT can be exposed to during training, operations and transport,

Its reduced dimensions allow the KIT to be carried in the respirator haversack or in any rucksack's pocket. The container's fabric has been specifically designed to withstand all climatic conditions. Its reliability is therefore assured.


  1. ATROPINE SULPHATE AUTOINJECTORS: Nerve agent attacks human respiration and sight coadjuvant.
  2. ACTIVE COAL: Food poisoning treatment.
  3. PIRODOSTIGMINE BROMIDE: Preventive treatment for Nerve Agent Attack.
  4. PAINKILLER TABLETS: Against rheumatic, traumatic and ulcer pain, headache, toothache, etc.
  5. PROTECTIVE EARPLUG: Against all kinds of noises.
  6. ANTISHOCK POWDER: To be used in case of heavy loss of liquid due to vomit, diarrhea, sweat, etc.
  7. METALLINE BURN COMPRESSES: Protection for burns, blisters and heavy skin irritation.
  8. DECONTAMINANT POWDER: Individual and small-scale decontamination capability.
  9. EYE LOTION: Eye decongestant.
  10. CHEMICAL AGENT LIQUID DETECTOR PAPERS: Detector papers for CW agent attack.