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MRE Supply, LLC is the exclusive factory distributor for XMRE Blue Line MREs', the world's finest & largest manufacturers of military & humanitarian foods. Also, the U.S. sales office for the outstanding Lima-based MilSpec Foods Corp. Halal & standard military and civilian MREs' & rations. We are able to offer current, factory fresh MRE’s at considerable savings over so-called "discount dealers" whose stock generally consists of 3 yr. old government discards. We are capable of delivering even large orders faster than anyone else.We maintain corporate offices & manufacturing facility in the U.S. as well as FDA/Cert. Halal factories in Lima, Peru. We maintain a large inventory of XMRE Blue Line MREs' and MilSpec Foods Halal MREs' in a controlled environment & can arrange for international shipping through conventional as well as unconventional means, or if required, we can air-drop to combat troops or humanitarian programs within 48-72 hrs. But don't forget that with the same attention to detail and extensive customer support base, we can deliver MRE's right to your door.
With a 5 year+ shelf life, military spec. MREs'are a worthwhile investment in your family's security.
We also offer HACCP & ISO9001 Cert. Halal and Kosher MRE's should your dietary restrictions require.

We Now Feature Customized 3 Meal Halal Day-packs and food trays for export.

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Available For Immediate Shipping
*XMRE Blue Line MRE
*XMRE Lite Budget MRE
*XMRE Military Grade MRE
*XMRE 24 Hr Military Grade MRE
*Halal MRE
*Kosher MRE
*Export Halal MRE
*Export Kosher MRE

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Discounts available for governmental, educational, corporate, religious, & bulk purchasers. Inquire.


*1-4 Pallets XMRE Lite MREs' 576 meals ea.
48 cases..$68.00/case!($79.99 retail)

*Late-packed EVERSAFE brand FULL MREs'. Still PLENTY OF LIFE..$48.00/case $2,304.00/pallet + shipping

*Fresh High-Quality Certified HALAL MREs...40' FCL container
1800 cases single-stacked or 3600 cases dbl stacked
21,600 or 43,200 Halal Meals...
US$ 57.50/case!

XMRE Blue Line MREs':
Government-Edu-Corp-Aid Org-Municipal-Bulk Ask For Discount

1. Standard MRE....1 Pallet 48 case...$ 100.00/case
2. " 5-15 pallets.......$ 85.00/case
3. " 16-29 pallets ......$ 82.50/case
4. " 30+ pallets ........$ 79.00/Case

XMRE 1300XT Military Grade MRE:

1. 1 Pallet 48 case...$ 125.00/case
2. 5-15 pallets.......$ 120.00/case
3. 16-29 pallets ......$ 110.00/case
4. 30+ pallets ........$ 100.00/Case

XMRE "Lite" Budget MRE:

1. 1 Pallet 48 case...$ 68.00/case
2. 5-15 pallets.......$ 65.00/case
3. 16-29 pallets ......$ 60.00/case
4. 30+ pallets ........$ 58.00/Case

Cost does not include shipping.

NSN Heaters add US$ 8.00/case
Custom Meals: Inquire.

To Order, Simply Call or Email your Requirements to Us. Please Include All Contact Information, Shipping or Drop-Ship Address & Phone/Fax. We Will Generate a Proforma With All Information For Your Approval and return it Via Fax or Email.

Mil-Spec Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE)

Meals Ready To Eat - The XMRE BLUE LINE

The XMRE Blue line was specially formulated for medical facilities, universities/schools, municipal entities, emergency preparednes agencies and private companies.
No one should go hungry in any situation, that's why we created the Blue Line.
We partnered with medical professionals to create the best meal possible for any situation. Its dependable because it has to be.

Blue Line Advantages:
•Engineered hydration packs that contain added electrolytes to maintain health stability.
•Balanced carbohydrates to regain energy lost in the event of an emergency situation.
•TFF - Trans Fat Free component options.

XMRE Blue Line Meal Kit Information:
Calories per meal : 1,000 to 1,200 Cal

Calories per 12 Case : 12,000 to 14,400 Cal

Each complete XMRE Blue Line Meal contains an 8oz (227 gr) entrée: 1 bread item, 2-3 snack/side items,
1-2 beverages, 1 accessory pack and a flameless heater.

All components are packed in a waterproof and tamper proof XMRE Blue Line outer bag.

Optional Components:
•Emergency Purified Drinking Water Up to 2 pouches of 4.227 FL OZ ( 125ml)
•Emergency Blanket : 48 x 72 inch compact, reusable blanket.


Variety of beef, chicken, pork, tuna, or vegetarian entrees

BREAD ITEMS : Regular or vegetable crackers, snack bread, corn bread or flour tortillas.
SNACKS / SIDES: MRE Bars, nut raisin mix, dried fruit mix, peanut butter jelly/jam spreads, dairy shakes,
instant pudding, wet packed fruit, muffin tops, MRE Cookies, pound cake or other portion controlled packs.


Single or assorted fruit flavored drink mixes, isotonic fruit flavored beverages, carb and maltodextrin enriched
fruit flavored beverages, cocoa based instant beverages, cappuccino based instant beverages or others available.


Includes spoon or spork, napkin, salt and pepper and moist towelette.


One MRE military type flameless meal/ration heater - individually packed inside each XMRE complete meal kit.(optional)


Waterproof and tamper proof XMRE Blue Line outer bag

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