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Kit, from new manufacture.


Decontamination Kit.


To be made from current production, delivery period according to quantities, after receipt of acceptable payment.


According to quantity.


Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license.


This pack is designed for chemical decontamination of protective equipment (mask, clothes) and individual combat equipment (individual weapons, etc.) representing a total surface area of about 2 in2. The principle is based on maximum cleaning and definitive chemical decomposition of toxic substances.


a) Physical cleaning

This first function is ensured by an absorbent glove consisting mainly of carbon added foam. The glove acts only by absorption. A film layer within the glove prevents contamination by transfer.

b) Chemical decontamination

The second function is ensured by two items:

1) A shaker consisting of cap and transparent tube, containing 2 products. Once the cap is driven in, a liquid contained in the tube mixes with a powder contained in the cap.

2) A decontaminating polypropylene towel made absorbent by special treatment and enclosed in a sealed packing.

These three items of the ICDP are packed in anti-shock plastic coated with a film which keeps out toxic substances.


a) Cleaning

The glove is used to clean all clothing as well as individual weapons and equipment. This is possible because of the very high absorption of the material composing the glove.

b) Use of the shaker (2 products)

When the cap is driven on to the tube, the membrane separating the two products ruptures. Shaking the shaker for a few minutes accelerates mixing.

c) Cleaning and chemical decomposition

Remove the red cap and pour the solution obtained on the centre of the folded towel to activate it.

Unfold the towel and perform a final cleaning, covering the whole surface of the clothes, mask and individual weapons.

Performance and results of the tests carried out by the DGA (French armament procurement directorate) at the Centre d’Etudes du Bourchet (CIE1B)


a) Glove

1) The absorption capacity of the glove is much higher than that required to clean an area of 2 m2. The results obtained indicate 95% absorption.

2) The tests confirm maximum retention of toxic products in the glove because of a very high retention capacity.

b) Shaker and towel

This test evaluates the quantity of toxic substance remaining on the mask and individual weapon after rubbing with the glove.

Two tests were selected:

1) Vertical contamination

2) Horizontal contamination (wind-borne droplets of toxic substance).

The tests confirm that the quantity of Fichlor contained in the shaker is sufficient to eliminate the quantity of remaining toxic substance. Tests performed on the towel show satisfactory impregnation, with a level of 83% over its whole area.

The results of tests on the aqueous Fichlor solution produced by shaking the shaker show that the latter can be kept for at least 24 hours without notable reduction of its decontaminating power. This condition could be applicable to collective use of the system (e.g. decontamination before entering a shelter; CSAM - Collective Shelter Access Module).

A final test covers total decontamination using the towel and proves that the solution used efficiently eliminates toxic substances. Elimination is evaluated at 100% for mustard gas and 98% for VX.