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Ballistica Maximus Corp.
St, Petersburg, FL 33714 USA
Tel: 727.528.2893
Fax: 727.528.8849


Rifle, from new manufacture.


Carbon-15 Rifles and Pistol/SMG.


To be made from current production, delivery period according to quantities, after receipt of acceptable payment.


According to quantity and accessories.


Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).


Redefining centerfire Rifles and Pistols / Sub Machine Guns

By new design and innovation, state-of-the-art thechnology, the most advanced Carbon-15 weapons are now available in semi or fully automatic.

Purpose built to assure outstanding performance, durability, accuracy and lightweight, these centerfire rifles and pistols/Sub Machine Guns are the "world's most sophisticated center fire weapons"

Chambered in .223 Remington / 5.56 mm NATO, the entire line is packed with an impressive assortment of standard and optional features.

Other than barrels and interior workings, each firearm is made almost entirely of Carbon-15, a highly advanced form of self-lubricating, non-corrosive carbon fiber that conbines excellent wear resistance with extremely light weight.

Bolts, carriers and extractors are crafted of hard chromed, precision-machined tool steel for outstanding durability. The match grade barrels are made of the finest stainless steel.

The firearms are manufactured under the most demanding quality control standards in the industry.

For Security Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, the Pistol/Sub Machine Gun is lighter than a MP-5 and uses 5.56 mm NATO range of ammunition, instead of 9 mm Parabellum, giving them a much better penetration, grouping and range.