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Ballistica Maximus Corp / A. Canton & Co.
Purveyors Of International Military & Humanitarian Supplies


A. Canton & Co.
St. Petersburg, Florida USA
Tel. 727.528.2893
Fax 727.528.1920

Armed and/or Military Aircraft are HIGHLY RESTRICTED. U.S. Dept. of State approval may be required for purchase.
A. Canton & Co. DOES NOT import weapons into the U.S. except by specific request of governmental entities or properly licensed purchasers.
Requests for quote and/or Technical Specs must be via fax upon letterhead or email with full company contact information.
Requests for destructive devices Quote must be accompanied by end-user-certificate.
A. Canton & Co. does not publish a paper catalogue.
All items are subject to prior sale.
Governmental Purchasers: Please Advise Regarding Budgetary Considerations. Some prices are negotiable
We CANNOT accomodate domestic civilian orders for destructive devices.

Updated 15June08

Aircraft Sales & Leasing and Para Gear

A. Canton & Co. can accomodate your wet and/or dry lease aircraft requirement. We maintain a vast inventory of international cargo, passenger, and special purpose rotary & fixed-wing aircraft for immediate lease deployment. Our pricing is HIGHLY competitive. Please contact us to discuss your lease project and to speak with our aircraft specialist.

*Time Sensitive Offering: As of 02 April We Have 24 Units Excellent, Mid-Time UH-1H Huey Helicopters. Currently in U.S. For Export or May Be Registered for U.S. US$225,000.00 ea. These WILL NOT LAST LONG.

*Sokol Twin-Turbo Helicopters

*Boeing 707-323C Tanker Aircraft. Immediate Delivery From new Production

*Jaguar Tactical Support Aircraft.
Fresh From Reconditioning. Immediate Delivery.

*Boeing 707-320B-VIP Aircraft

*Large Selection of New & Refurbished Russian Helicopters.

*Remote Piloted Vehicle Launcher

*UAV's. Full Selection of U.S. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Forward Observation, Intelligence Gathering, Monitoring.
Sales or Leases Available. Full Ground Support and/or Technical Staff Available.
Please Contact Us For Details and Prosectus.

*SCUD Rocket Motors. From New Production.

*Mirage F1C Fighter Aircraft.
9 Units. Maintained & Logged. Technical Assist Available.
All In Superb Condition. ATAR 9K50-A60 Engines, Cyrano IV Radar.
US$9,000,000.00 ea. Ex-Depot.

*Boeing 727-100 Freighter.

*Mirage III & IIIB Jet Fighters
Fully Armed, Immediate Delivery. From Arsenal Stock. Great Prices!

*Hercules C-130A Aircraft. 3 units.
9D Engines. Fresh C inspection.
US$2,600,000.00 ea.

*Bell 212 Helicopters. 2 Units,Fully Overhauled.
US$3,356,175.00 ea.

*Complete Selection of Bell Rotary Aircraft.
New/Used/Excellent. Many To Choose From at Extraordinary Prices.

*Helicopter, Aerospatiale III Type 316B, Fully Reconditioned. 20 units.

*Aerospatiale Helicopter Parts. Full Inventory.
Please inquire.

*AMX Fighter Jets. Fully Armed, Equipped. From New Production.
Please Inquire.

*Fighter Trainer, MIG 23UM. 8 units From Arsenal Stock. Excellent, Maintained Cond.

* Russian Mi-8MTB-1(Mi-17)Cargo Helicopters:
a. 1992 600 hrs...US$1,816.075.00
b. 1992 499 hrs...US$1,993,000.00
c. 1993 1200 hrs..US$1,600,000.00

*Russian Mi-26T Cargo Helicopter. 1992 80 Hrs. As New.

*Mirage Jet Engine Parts. Huge Inventory.

*Bell 412EP Heavy Lift Helicopter. 1997
New Helicopter Warranty. Contact For Details/Specs.

*Bell Helicopter Parts. Full Inventory.

*Large Selection of Take-Out & Rebuilt Continental AVDS 1790 2/2A/2D Jet Engines.
Please Inquire.

*50 ea. Jet Engines, Continental AVDS-1790-2, Take-out and in a excellent condition.
All engines have very few hours, between 3 and 700 hours.
US$65,259.00 each, EX Works Europe.

a. Russian Fixed Wing:

1. Sukhoi Su-22M-4 NATO Fitter-K
2. Sukhoi Su-25 NATO Frogfoot
3. MiG-27 NATO Flogger
4. MiG-21
5. MiG-25
6. MiG-29
7. Tupolev Tu-16 NATO Badger
8. Tupolev Tu-142 NATO BEAR

b. Russian Rotary

1. Mil Mi-8 NATO Hip-E
2. Mil Mi-21 NATO Hind
3. Mil Mi-28 NATO Havoc
4. Mil Mi-6 NATO Hook

A complete selection of American and European aircraft are currently available for lease or purchase. Passenger, Cargo, and Special Configuration Available. Rotary, Fixed Wing/Jet and Prop. BMC Corp. offers very attractive pricing and outstanding customer service.

C-130 Hercules
Dassault Falcon
King Air

Large Selection of New & Used Bell Helicopters
Complete Bell Helicopter Parts For Immediate Delivery


*Parachute, Troop Main T-10B NSN 1670-00-591-0720
From New Manufacture. U.S. Issue
US$1,516.10 ea 100 unit Min.

*Parachute, Troop Reserve T-10R NSN 1670-00-892-4218
From New Manufacture. U.S. Issue
US$735.20 ea 100 unit Min.

*Parachute, Troop Main MC1-1C NSN 1670-01-262-2359
From New Manufacture. U.S. Issue
US$1,629.40 ea 100 unit Min.

This area will be updated regularly. If you have special requirements, please call or fax us with particulars.

All domestic aircraft are available in passanger or cargo configurations. Crews and technical services are also available as well as delivery/ferry services

A. Canton & Co.
St. Petersburg, Florida USA USA
Tel 727.528.2893
Fax 727.528.8849
Emer 727.698.9530

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