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Are you experiencing technical difficulties? Or just having one of those moments where you know that your computer ought to be able to do something, but you can't get it to work?

We can help. Kaiser Computer Services provides you with the technical support you need, however you need it – by telephone, via email, or with on-site service at your home or business location in the Michiana area.

If you're wondering why you should use us instead of some other company, there are several very good reasons:

  1. We're cheaper than everyone else, and we also give free guaranteed estimates on the amount of time it'll take to fix your problem. So you're paying less than you would for just about anyone else, and since we're guaranteeing our time estimate, you're better off going with us than that one computer geek your friend knows, who might suddenly stick you with a bill for $500.
  2. We're really good at providing service. That's why it's in our name. And if you want any verification, we'll be happy to give you references. For their privacy, however, we're not going to post their contact information online.
  3. We're not affiliated with any providers of software or hardware, which means that while we're happy to help advise you on anything you might want or need and try to find it at a low price, we are not getting kickbacks from anyone if you buy something.
  4. We're nice, normal people who will do our best to explain what's going on with your computer in nice, normal language, which has the bonus of actually being comprehensible. Promise.