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The nifty thing about the previously mentioned estimate is that itís guaranteed. If we tell you that itís going to take two hours to show you what you want to know about Microsoft Word, then you pay for two hours, even if we end spending more time at it. An hour of technical assistance is $25.00, and thatís the minimum fee Ė after that initial hour, then we bill in quarter-hour increments.

Now, itís possible that in some circumstances, weíll need to come look at your computer to tell you exactly whatís going on with it. In that case, youíre going to owe us for an hourís worth of work, what with the drive there, but if we can fix it in less than an hour spent at your place, you wonít have any additional charge.

Youíre probably thinking that you have some questions that youíre pretty sure could be answered in notably less than an hour, right? If so, then itís still worth emailing or calling us, because weíre here to serve you. That means that weíre willing to work with your specific circumstances.

Contact us now! You paid money for your technology. Donít waste it.