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Affordable & Fun Tennis Lessons

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Los Angeles Tennis Lessons



Sports Resume

Hi there and welcome. .

My name is Jimmy G.

I am honored to make your acquaintance.

So, you want to become a better player ? You`ve come to the right place. I will teach you the ways to fulfill your potential completely. If you want to collect a few trophies in local tournaments, that`s what I`m here for. I can get you there... I know I can because I`ve done it... my latest grasshopper is defeating his local teaching pro`s !

E-mail me right now, or call and you`ll get an extra 1/2 hour FREE with your first lesson. (818)987-8491

You can ask me all the tennis questions that you have. :-)

Order up a Jimbo Combo- king of the backhands. "one of the best backhands in college tennis",a teammate remarked.

During that time period, my private coach Robert Lansdorp would say to me in drills, "c`mon, hit that world-class backhand."

I was ranked in the top 6 in the Western State Conference; I put together a WINNING streak of four singles matches in a row, against other colleges` #1 players!

Do you like winning?   

My nickname at Glendale College is `HAMMER`. Yes, You may call me that.

I`ve won several tournaments since I play an all-court style of game.

Hmmm, what else... I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Northridge.

If you want to become a touring pro or just a more competitive social/club player, I`m your coach, JIMMY G. I`ve taught for many years-all ages too.

Well, now that you know I`m well-qualified, enough about me. Because this is about YOU! We all need aerobic exercise on a consistent basis. Yet going to the gym can feel like a second or third job! It can feel like work to work out. You need a more enjoyable form of exercise so that you will do it often enough to enrich the quality of your life, improving/increasing your health & happiness. TENNIS. 


In addition, you can play tennis much more affordably than golf. I`ve never heard of a free golf course, have you?

Third, the more you improve & learn the strategies of the game, the more you`ll enjoy it.

Moreover, your kids might get a college tennis scholarship with the Hammer`s top-notch coaching! Invest in your kids.

Finally, you can learn at any age; there`s a reason they call it "The Sport for a Lifetime."

I can meet you at a CONVENIENT tennis court LOCATION near you.

I come from America`s TOP tennis program... one that`s developed at least seven different Grand Slam event champions... including Lindsay Davenport, Pete Sampras, & Maria Sharapova.

You`ll learn to play your strengths, & attack the opponent`s weakness... plus...

* the forehand volley

* when to hit down-the-line

* great footwork & why it is so vital

* the topspin drive backhand

* mental toughness

* the serve

I am developing the next wave of tournament champions.

Your tennis friends will be impressed at your rapid improvement; they will start asking you... "where did you learn that shot?"

Let me be your secret weapon.

The ball is in your court; what`re you gonna do? TENNIS is the sport most FUN on the planet, right?

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Write to me & we`ll work something out.

Email: AthletesRus(at)

Los Angeles Tennis Lesson