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Gaia Name:

Desired Pose (Describe):

Facial Expression:

Hair Color Preference:

Hair Length Preference:

Hair Type Preference:

Eye Color Preference:

Eye Type Preference:

Desired Height Type:

Desired Body Type:

Desired Bust Size:

Desired Hip Size:

Desired Rear Size:

Tattoos and Piercings?


Outfit Type Preference:

Outfit Length Preference:

Shoe Type (if any):

Sock Type (if any):

Religious Symbols on Clothing?

Non-Religious Symbols on Clothing?




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Gaia Name: Mokia_Sinhall

Desired Pose (Describe): Standing with left arm behind back and right arm parallel with ground. Legs closed. Visible hand holding a rose.

Facial Expression: Smiling. Eyes closed.

Hair Color Preference: Black with red streak down middle of bangs.

Hair Length Preference: Shoulder blades

Hair Type Preference: Curly with straight bangs to her eyebrows

Eye Color Preference: Green

Eye Type Preference: Slanted towards nose

Desired Height Type: Tall

Desired Body Type: Thin

Desired Bust Size: Small

Desired Hip Size: Large

Desired Rear Size: Large

Tattoos and Piercings? Tattoo of a dragon on right leg.

Make-up? Black eye-liner

Outfit Type Preference: Short blue pleated skirt and white tank top.

Outfit Length Preference: Skirt goes to mid-thigh and tank top shows top of cleavage

Shoe Type (if any): Right-below knee black boots with thick high heel

Sock Type (if any): Blue and white striped stockings

Religious Symbols on Clothing? Ankh covering front of tank top

Non-Religious Symbols on Clothing? Light blue ocean waves on the skirt

Jewelry? Black choker with seashell charm. 5 bangles on visible wrist.

Details: The rose should be in bloom.

Suggestions/Feedback: I like your other art :p

How did you hear about me? I AM YOU!

Picture Type: Medium no shading