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Self Boxes

If you are here, than that means you are interested in my "Self-Boxes". These boxes can be used for anything; tarot cards, jewelry, money, etc. Each box is hand-painted to represent the buyer.

The front is painted the same for everyone. This side represents "self", thus the mirrors.

The back is painted to represent the buyer's main trait. In this picture the trait was "stength".

The two sides are painted to represent two minor traits. In these pictures, they were "wisdom" and "spirit".

All of the traits are represented by carefully chosen animals. There are 20 traits to choose from. Below is the form to fill out if you want one. They are priced at $15!

Fill out the following form to get your very own self-box.

Colors (please only pick two)



Personality traits (please only pick three)



Would you like the top to be decorative or funky?



Please enter the text you want on top: