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         Meena showing her pearly white teeth              Nipper Fielding, Junior the VII
            Well, that is what you can achieve using                     Listening to a Rock 'N Roll number.
                Monkey brand - Kala Dandt Manjan                        The switch from 'Thumri'  happened
                                                                                                   in 'Sawan Ke Mahine Mein'

  General Info.  

1   All files are in Zip Format.   On un-zipping,  the  mp3  file /s will retain their  Long File Name /s (LFN).  

     The  mp3  files were converted at  192  Kbits/s. 
Revised on:  April 29, 2011

2   Double Click at  download,  will start the process.   To find the new item, please check the date on which
     the file was added.  The date listed at the bottom can give an indication of lastest addition.   I add the
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3   AngelFire Server does not support  Long File Names,  hence all  downloadable file names are in lower
     cases  and  in  zip format. 

PART - 1:    Micro Discoveries

                                                             None  Currently             


PART - 2:    Do Din Ke Liye Mehman Yahan (file will be removed after some period)
                                    Title inspired from Shailendra's song from film:   BADAL

               Film:  MAJBOORI  (1954) 

               Tere Poojan Ko Bhagwan, Bana Man Mandir Aalishaan    Singers:  Meena Kapoor + Hameeda

               Lyrics:  D N Madhok,        Music:  Robin Chatterjee,  but the tune  is copied from  same titled
                                                         song from film:  BHARAT KI BETI  (1935),  composed by:  Anil  Biswas
                                                         and  rendered by:  Ratanbai.  This song has only 2 pars,  while the
                                                         Bharat Ki Beti song had  5 paras,  However, they are written in same
                                                         style as the original one

                                                        Added on:  April 29, 2011

               Source:     Custom Taping / 78 rpm source  (Recording Quality:  quite good)

                                                                                        mp3 file:  3,788,092  bytes  

                                                      Download:      (    3,664,963  bytes       

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Last Up-Date:  Aug 2, 2012  (Removed 2 files:  Film:  Bharat Ki Beti  and  Shamshad  (Non-Film) - Tere Poojan Ko