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100 years old with Original Bill of Sale!

This fine Steinway Upright Vertegrand has the original mahogany finish as when it was bought new in 1904 for my grandmothers wedding present by her parents. I have the original bill of sale listing the date and price and my grandmothers name and address. Even the bill of sale itself is a beautiful antique. Other family insurance papers and story about the purchase are intact. The original stool will accompany the piano. .
The Steinway Vertegrand has the sounding board of a grand piano, but installed in the upright position for those that don't have the space for the grand piano. The same generous tones are produced by the Vertegrand as it has the same sounding board as its counterpart, the Grand Piano.The piano is 51" high and 61" wide.
The felt on the hammers generally still seems soft enough to produce the quality sound of a Steinway. The serial number is in the realm of 111,000 (one hundred eleven thousand) and of course all the internal parts and case carry that number to indicate this piano is ALL original. Then a date is written in pencil of the tuning starting soon after the purchase and continuing in different areas inside the piano. I have had it tuned lately.A thought about Steinway pianos is that they never lose their value. It appears that the used Steinway in good condition will generally bring about 75% of the latest retail price which goes up about 4% per year.
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This Verdegrand Piano is available, email us for particulars.

has had excellent care