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Adlake RR non sweating Lantern

Adlake non sweating lamp Chicago (marked on top # 1284 marked on base( raised letters) # 11 faint stamped next to 1284 approx. 16" high, 20" with bail raised oil pot with wick assembly slides easily into raised reflector area for refueling.Pot has flat parellel sides to fit the housing in the lamp. **RARE this is not the standard lamp with a round pot.** 10" wide yellow and green reflectors, 5" glass, orange and green appears to be original paint on reflectors, chipped at edges(seen in photos) has original kerosene pot assy and mounting adapter included. Has been temporarily fitted with electrical assembly but no holes have been drilled and the assembly can be removed and kerosene supply tank and pot assembly can be inserted through one of the reflectors which slides upward to allow refueling.Picture shows reflector in raised position.