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Large Foo Dog 36

ANTIQUE ASIAN FOO DOG CHINESE or JAPANESE and 3 FEET TALL. This ceramic Foo Dog has had some damage and has been repaired in the 70s or 80's. Really looks ferocous as a foo dog is supposed to look. FOO is cobalt blue with a neat white bib. Crackled glazing and very big ears. We know that Foo was made before 1920 and MAY be MUCH older.
He (or she) sits 36" tall (3 feet!) and weighs about 60 lbs or so, not really sure. "FOO" lived in a very wealthy estate in northern NJ in about 1910 or so up to the late 40's, now I am ready to give up being his (or her) chaperone and someone else can take my place.
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Available Now.

I feel that the new owner would have to pick FOO up. Transportation could possibly be in the backseat of a car, or a van or an SUV, FOO is not that big that it would be too dificult to handle. I don't want to pack and ship FOO.

A great display item for an Asian restaurant

Very Friendly