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First Editions and older collectable books

Thank you for visiting my page. Please come back and visit again when I have things arranged.

"The Tangled Threads" by Eleanor H Porter 1919 1st Edition, clean gold/red cover
" Of Human Bondage" by W Somerset Maugham 1915 1st Edition, clean, used.
"Smith College Classbook 1927" excellent
"Smith College Year Book 1928" excellent
"Twilight Land by Howard Pyle" very good condition 1894 gilt stamped maybe 1st edition
"Authors and Writers Associated with Morristown" (NJ) by Julia Keese Coles, second edition 1895 very good condition
"Smith College The Inauguration Of President Burton 1910" excellent condition 90+ pages
"Eyes of the War" photographic Report Of World War II by Nat Hyman 1945 second edition