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More Patent Models from our Collection. this page updated Oct 31 2003.As I find a new home for each of these models, I will post more models. As noted, the household items and furniture items that belong to my wife are NOT for sale. I have started to research some of the inventors on the internet. There are some that are recognized as prominent inventors such as Mr Billings and William Whitney, and another is the prominent family Stillman of Almond NY. After having this collection for 25+ years, I am again starting to enjoy the stories of each model and what it must have represented to the inventor and his/her family.

Wilson washing mach #4,891 1846

Fog Signal #175,866 1876
Alcohol Still -- Stebbins #60,079 1866
washing machine -Arnold #120,809 1871
Fly Trap pat # 118,373 1871
Chinese Bronze Dragon Urn-Not a model
Steinway Piano 1904 Verdi Grand
Whip socket 1870 # 107,845 look for one on an old wagon
Carriage Spring Whitney # 157,952
Washboiler Pat # 112,760

Brooks washboiler Pat # 104,550
Oil Can Pat# 64,436 1867
Cannon Iron
Whitewashing machine paint roller Pat # 206,909 1878
washer Pat # 220,208

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Link to Patent Office Drawings so you can see what the model looks like using the patent number