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Patent Model Coffee Grinder Huller inventor John Pendleton 1877 Patent #190,614 Brooklyn NY

Very heavy iron model with massive " yeilding rubbers" that grind the coffee, remove the hull and the skin so the grains of coffee(beans) are ready for final roasting and grinding. The spring loaded corrugated rubbing surfaces are pictured here and are removeable from the model.

The is no mention of a funnel which is shown in the drawing.

This model was taken from the famous fire in 1877 and we have the certification tag of that event. No wonder that one iron foot is broken and missing.

The center cylinder seen in this photo has a corrugated rubbing surface which when the grinder inserts are in place meets the "berries". The inventor says in his claim, "There will usually be a crank-handle, as this machine can be run by hand-power".