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Window Cleaner Patent # 770,453

Mr Frank H Curtis of Canton Ohio was granted a patent for this window cleaner in 1904. He prepared the drawing to show the proper window on the trolley that should have this revolutionary cleaning device. The window can be cleaned from the inside, without having to stop and clean it from the outside. He also explains that this window cleaner can be used on any window. He also refers to sprocket wheels and chains and screws, blocks and plates which are all used during the operation of this invention.
A well made model and a grand idea!

Each section of the model will slide open to reveal the internal workings of the rollers, gears and the chains. Of course they swivel closed so the model can be operated in either position.

Is this the first windshield wiper???

The outer section has the blade which is driven by the handle on the inside of the window.

The inventor remarks in his claim that his device is especially designed to handle frost and snow. You can stay dry and use this from the inside!