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Torpedo for Oil Wells Morristown New Jersey $ 5,200.00

Alexander Thompson Ballantine, a famous name in the NY and NJ area. He formed a company called Ballantine and Howland and went to Titusville PA to sell the Ballantine Torpedo. I have quite a few New Jersey models and will continue to post them as I am able.

Lower this torpedo down the well and pull the string attached to the trigger.

A very weathered patent tag, but it has lasted since 1865.

Declared safe by the military at Picatinny Arsenal before being displayed at the Morris Museum in the 1980s.

inside view of the trigger and screw cap

I think that the major part of this model is lead, and would explode in the well and be lost. The upper portion could be pulled up(a heavy metal bail is attached) and used with a new "charge"